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Reasons You Shouldn't Leave a Hotel Room That's Cluttered and Full of Trash

Holiday Ayo - Even though the guest is king, this motto does not necessarily make guests act carelessly. So far, there has been a lot of news saying that hotel guests have to leave the hotel in a messy condition.

The reason is that the staff thoroughly clean the hotel room before it is used by other guests. In this article we will review the reasons why you shouldn't leave your hotel room messy and full of rubbish and what you should do before checking out. 


The following are a series of reasons why you should not leave your room messy and full of rubbish, as quoted from the Legendary Travel page and


1. Leaves stains that are difficult to remove 


Placing hotel items out of place can dirty them, even leaving stains that are difficult to remove. For example, when putting towels on the floor or throwing rubbish on the carpet floor. 


2. Food waste causes odor 


Food waste should be thrown away immediately. If accidentally left behind, it may rot and leave a smell. This smell may not have disappeared when the next guest comes and uses the room. 


3. Damaging Property 


Deliberately making a room messy can also potentially damage property. For example, when you try to remove the sheets from the bed and then accidentally drop things nearby. 


4. Disrespecting Officers 


Apart from that, there are more important things, namely those related to ethics. The act of dirtying a hotel room means disrespecting the hotel staff who work hard to clean the room. Imagine if all the rooms were a mess, while the number of officers was limited. 


5. Subject to a fine 


Some hotels impose fines on guests who leave the hotel messy. Indeed, guests do not have to really clean the room. 


However, don't go too far and leave rubbish strewn around and the room looking messy. You may be charged additional fees for cleaning or damage to goods. 


6. Blacklisted 


Apart from that, maybe your name will be blacklisted, which will have an impact when you rent a hotel in the future.

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