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Reasons for the Ministry of National Planning and Development to Still Include Border Issues

Holiday Ayo - The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD requested that the Ministry of National Planning and Development or Bappenas continue to include border issues in preparing the 2024-2029 National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN).

As cited from, this was conveyed by Mahfud at the 2023 State Border Management Control Coordination Meeting at the Discovery Ancol Hotel, North Jakarta, Thursday (25/5).

According to him, the sustainability of the national development program at the border needs to be a priority in the future national development plan. Therefore, he also hopes that the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) can support the budget.

"With the support again from the Deputy Speaker of the DPR (Rachmat Gobel). Because if the Ministry of Finance wants it, Bappenas wants it, while the DPR doesn't agree, well, it can't either. Thank God, now there is Pak Rachmat Gobel," said Mahfud.

Currently, according to Mahfud, there are still many Indonesian Cross Border Posts (PBLN) that have not been completed. It also allows Indonesia's land borders to be dark roads or illegal roads.

"That land border may be the entry point, but between one gate and another there are dark roads, illegal roads, and there are still many illegal routes," said Mahfud.

Therefore, Mahfud assessed, the construction of the PBLN must be handled immediately. This requires a very large budget, so he hopes that the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas will continue to include border issues in the 2024-2029 RPJMN.

"That will have to be handled later and a big budget will also be needed," said Mahfud.

President Jokowi has also requested that the National Strategic Project (PSN) be completed in 2024 in accordance with the results of the PSN evaluation limited meeting (ratas) in September 2022 and the Cabinet Meeting, March 2, 2023. Ministries/agencies (K/L) are also advised to be able to complete the PSN at the border.

Later, the PSN targeted for this period will be continued in the following period, including the construction of integrated cross-border posts in accordance with Presidential Instruction (Inpres) Number 1 of 2019 concerning the Acceleration of the Development of 11 Integrated State Cross-Border Posts and Supporting Infrastructure in the Border Area.

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