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Recommendation of 5 Tourist Attractions in Madrid That You Must Visit!

Holiday Ayo - Talking about Madrid certainly cannot be separated from its unique culture and exotic tourist spots or locations. So it is not surprising that many travelers from various countries come to this country to be able to see firsthand the beauty offered by the city of Madrid itself.

Starting from the ancient historic buildings to the very unique shape of the city, it will certainly be the main attraction when you visit this country, bro. Instead of getting more curious, just take a look at the recommendations for Madrid tourist attractions below which will certainly amaze you.

1. Las Ventas

source: Madrid Secreto

A visit to Spain, especially to Madrid, will not be complete if you haven't enjoyed the bullfighting show. Las Ventas itself is known as a bullfighting tourist location, so this spot is an arena for this activity. Built in 1932, the audience capacity provided by this stadium or arena is almost 24 thousand people.

Behind its high cultural, traditional and artistic values, this is indeed controversial in modern times like today. Even though many bullfighting venues in other locations such as Barcelona have been banned, as we know, Madrid still holds fast to this world-famous show. Apart from watching bullfights, sightseeing tours are available which will make your holiday in Madrid even more satisfying. Not to mention, there is the Bullfighting Museum which has a collection of bullfighting equipment, bull statues, bull paintings and clothes usually worn by matadors.

2. Palacio Real

source: Texfoto

If you want to see what palaces in Spain are like, visit the Palacio Real when you have the opportunity to set foot in Madrid. If England has Buckingham Palace, then Spain has the Royal Palace in its capital. The status of this palace is indeed an official residence and is known to be the official residence of the royal family, but in reality the Palacio Real is not used as a residence for the Spanish royal family. The Royal Palace building is still active, but its use is more as a location for important events such as state ceremonies and receptions.

Visitors will be satisfied with the beauty of every part of the Palacio Real complex, including a number of beautiful gardens and large courtyards. Maybe some tourists are wondering, what are the highlights of a tour that allows visitors to go inside? The large staircase, throne room, collection of armor and pharmacy section in this palace are so interesting and unique, you will even find various kinds of strange potions in it.

3. Retiro Park


Traveling around Madrid will certainly be more fun by including Retiro Park on your holiday destination list. Some tourists may not be too familiar with this park, which was once a palace garden. This tourist attraction is very comfortable and can provide the calm that visitors are looking for to get away for a moment from the noise and busyness of city life. The main charm of this location is the beautiful fountain and lake along with the surrounding panorama which seems to bring endless coolness.

Located not far from the Prado Museum, this park is behind this spot and is a park that is always packed with visitors. Not only is it famous and crowded with foreign tourists, even local residents can be seen walking with family and friends in this park, especially on Sunday afternoons. Retiro Park is a place that is used as a meeting center and will always be busy.

4. Puerta de Alcala

source: Nico Trinkhaus

This tourist spot is suitable to be visited by tourists who love history and building tourism because Puerta de Alcala is a monument built in a neo-classical style. This gate-shaped monument will automatically be passed when you want to go to Retiro Park.

Even more interesting, Puerta de Alcala is also considered an icon of Madrid and tourists will make this location a favorite place with its minimalist flower gardens. At night this location will be more beautiful with decorative lights lit up here and there. If you all know about the Arc de Triomf which is owned by Barcelona and also the famous Arc de Tromphe in Paris, Puerta de Alcala is typical of the city of Madrid.

5. Plaza de Espana


This tourist destination is no less famous than other objects in Madrid. The main attraction of this large and expansive tourist location is the presence of a monument dedicated to Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. From this plaza it is not far to go to the Palacio Real or Royal Palace if you want to take a walk there. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra himself was a leading writer of his time and the monument was designed by two famous architects Pedro Muguruza and Rafael Martinez Zapatero as well as a sculptor named Lorenzo Coullaut Valera.

Most parts of the monument were built from 1925-1930, so you could say the monument is very old. Starting in that year, the completion of construction is known to have been in 1956 and 1957, carried out by the sculptor's son, namely Federico Coullaut-Valera Mendigutia. It is known that Plaza de Espana is also the name of a Metro station which is located to the east of the plaza.

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