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Recommendations for Typical Kediri Culinary

Holiday Ayo - Indonesia is not only known for its diverse culture, but is also known for its typical food. There are lots of very delicious regional specialties to enjoy. One of them is typical Kediri food.

One of the famous Kediri specialties is pecel seasoning. But it's not just pecel, there is still a menu of food and specialty drinks that you can try or even make as souvenirs for people at home. 


1. Soto Kediri 


There are many types of soto from various regions, one of which is Soto Kediri. There, you can taste the thick soto sauce filled with vermicelli, tomatoes, eggs and shredded chicken. 


2. Kediri Fried Rice 


Kediri Fried Rice is traditionally cooked using a stove filled with charcoal. Rice is prepared with simple seasonings such as spices and soy sauce. 


There is no use of flavoring ingredients to make it, the burnt taste of rice cooked with charcoal makes it taste distinctive. 


3. Snail Satay 


Don't forget to enjoy the snails processed into satay with delicious peanut sauce. In one portion there are 5-10 skewers with prices starting from IDR 15,000. 


Apart from satay, you can enjoy dried bakicot meat which is sold in clear plastic packaging with portions per kilogram.


4. Tofu Poo 


Apart from typical Kediri food to eat on the spot, you can also bring this unique culinary specialty as a souvenir.


Tofu poo has a savory and soft taste. There are two types of tofu, namely white and yellow. However, you need to know that poo doesn't have a long shelf life, it only lasts around 1-2 days at room temperature. 


5. Getuk Banana 


Banana getuk is made by mixing rice flour, sago flour, banana and coconut milk. Getuk needs to be steamed for approximately 45 minutes. You can find banana getuk in several famous Kediri souvenir shops.

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