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Recommendations for Typical Lombok Foods, You Sholud Try or You'll Regret It

Holiday Ayo - Lombok has become a must-visit tourist destination for travelers who want to enjoy its exotic nature and culinary specialties. In fact, you can find many interesting things that you can enjoy, so that the holiday atmosphere becomes more fun and comfortable.

The culture of the Sasak tribe is then able to provide new experiences, especially in terms of food. There are lots of delicious typical Lombok foods in Mataram that you must try when visiting this city. To find out recommendations for typical Lombok food, you can see the full review below.

1. Taliwang Chicken


Ayam Taliwang is one of the most famous Lombok culinary tours from Lombok that you can find in any area. The delicious spices of this typical Lombok Taliwang Grilled Chicken can then make this dish a target for tourists who come to Lombok. This Taliwang Grilled Chicken recipe itself is quite easy to cook, marinate the chicken with lemon juice and salt then grill until half cooked.

Then, stir-fry the Taliwang spices until they become fragrant and add the chicken again, after the spices are absorbed, grill the chicken again using the spices until cooked. You can enjoy this menu at several well-known stalls, such as Ayam Taliwang Irama Lombok or Ayam Taliwang Khas Pak Udin. As for the price, usually Taliwang Chicken is around IDR 25,000.00 to IDR. 60,000.00 depending on the size and portion of the chicken.

2. Plecing Kangkung


Plecing Kangkung is one of the recommendations for typical East Lombok food which is always a delicious accompaniment to Ayam Taliwang. This dish with the basic ingredients of Lombok kale is spicy, fresh and tasty, so it can increase your appetite. The secret to the freshness of this typical Lombok Plecing Kangkung also lies in the chili sauce made from cayenne pepper, salt, tomatoes and Lombok shrimp paste.

In general, plecing kangkung is served with sprouts, peanuts, long beans, and ointment with the addition of fresh lime juice. You can also enjoy Lombok's typical Plecing Kangkung at various food stalls that sell Ayam Taliwang or other typical Lombok menus. The price is also very affordable starting from Rp. 4,000.00 per portion of fresh Plecing Kangkung, typical of Lombok.

3. Sate Rembiga

source: IDN Times

Sate Rembiga Lombok is also famous for its various kinds of very delicious satay dishes, such as Sate Rembiga from Mataram City. This satay, which is made from beef, has a very distinctive taste because it contains spices and is also spicy.

To make it yourself, first cut and tenderize the beef then wrap it in papaya leaves. After that, prepare ground spices such as onions, soy sauce, chilies, shrimp paste, coriander, tamarind and brown sugar. Marinate this spice on the meat, then grill the satay until cooked.

This typical West Lombok food is also often seen around Lombok tourist attractions. Sate Rembiga Utama and Sate Rembiga Ibu Sinnaseh are among the best places to enjoy this typical Lombok dish. The price is also not too expensive, namely around Rp. 20,000.00 for one serving containing 10 skewers of Rembiga Satay.

4. Nasi Balap

source: Fimela

Nasi Balap is often a typical Lombok dish that you can easily find outside the Lombok area. The people of Lombok themselves often refer to Nasi Balap as Nasi Balap Puyung or Nasi Puyung because the area of origin is Kampung Puyung.

Nasi Balap itself is usually served with shredded spicy chicken, soybeans, stir-fried green beans, and dried potatoes or eggs as a complement. The spicy and savory taste of shredded chicken and various other side dishes make Nasi Balap delicious and perfect for a breakfast menu.

One of the legendary places to enjoy Lombok's typical Nasi Balap is Nasi Balap Inaq Esun which is spread across several areas in Lombok. One portion of Nasi Balap is also very cheap, starting from Rp. 8,000.00 only up to Rp. 15,0000.00 depending on additional side dishes.

5. Keciput Cake

source: Hipwee

If you want to bring a delicious and tasty souvenir from Lombok, then Lombok Keciput Cake could be the right choice. Keciput Cake itself at first glance looks like onde-onde but is smaller in size and has no filling.

Apart from that, the texture of this Keciput Cake is also very crunchy, so it is very suitable for you to enjoy while relaxing drinking coffee. You can also find Keciput Cake in Kudus with a slightly different shape. Usually, Keciput Cakes are also found in many Lombok souvenir shops around the city of Mataram, such as Nutsafir Cookies. The price for this typical Lombok cake is usually around Rp. 20,000.00 to Rp. 30,000.00 per box.

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