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Recommendations for delicious and delicious evening culinary delights in Bandung

Holiday Ayo - On holiday to Bandung, of course you won't miss its varied nightly culinary delights. Night culinary in Bandung is quite famous for its delicious taste.

Not only delicious, a number of evening culinary delights in Bandung also offer quite affordable prices. It's only natural that hunting for nighttime culinary delights is one of the favorite agendas while visiting Bandung. 


So, for those of you who want to go on holiday to Bandung, there are recommendations for evening culinary delights to try. 


The following are recommendations for evening culinary delights in Bandung which have been summarized from various sources.


1. Madtari Toast 


Travelers who are looking for nightly culinary delights in Bandung can come to Cafe Madtari. There is one menu that is a favorite of visitors, namely toast.


Cafe Madtari is on Ranggagading Street, Number 10, Tamansari to enjoy a portion of this toast. Visitors can come every time from 19.00 to 03.00 WIB. 


2. Sekoteng Singapore 


Warm drinks are very suitable to accompany travelers who want to enjoy the cool air in Bandung. One of the popular hot drinks in Bandung is Sekoteng Singapore.


Sekoteng Singapore is located on Ahmad Yani Street, Number 293 Bandung. This evening culinary in Bandung is open from 16.00 to 01.00 WIB. 


3. Tutug Rice 


One of the evening culinary delights in Bandung that you must try is Tutug Rice. Tutug Rice is a typical Sundanese food in the form of rice pounded with grilled or fried oncom. 


A portion of tutug rice is usually served with additional menus, such as spicy tuna tutug rice, goang sample rice. 


As a complement, travelers can also add side dishes ranging from stewed eggs, fried chicken, to potato chili sauce.

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