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Recommended Tours near Borobudur Free and Must Visit

Holiday Ayo - Borobudur Temple is a tourist spot as well as a place of worship for Buddhists in Magelang Regency, Central Java. This temple is a very important UNESCO world heritage site.

However, apart from the beautiful Borobudur Temple, there are many other interesting tourist spots around the temple which are also worth visiting. Here are some tours near Borobudur:

1. Asu Temple

source: Wikimedia Commons

Apart from Borobudur Temple, in Magelang there is also a temple that you can visit called Asu Temple, this temple is about 23 km from Borobudur Temple, and is located in Candipos Hamlet, Magelang.

The name of the Asu temple itself came from the surrounding community who previously did not know the original name of this temple, but when this temple was found, a statue of the ox Nandi was found nearby which had been damaged and was considered by the local community to resemble a dog or in Javanese means "Asu" so that in the end the temple this is called as Asu Temple.

This destination is one of the tours near Borobudur that you visit for free. Apart from that, there are also other temples around it, such as Lumung Temple and Pendem Temple.

2. Liong Hok Bio Temple

source: Wisata App

Liong Hok Bio Temple is a place of worship located on the southeastern side near Magelang City Square and is about 18 km from Borobudur Temple. Formerly this pagoda was built in 1864 by Kapitein Be Koen Wie or commonly called Be Tjok Lok together with benefactors from Magelang.

This pagoda is perfect for those of you who want to take pictures, because the typical Chinese ornaments and architecture are guaranteed to be very cool and iconic. Don't forget that the entrance fee to this destination is also free, BTG Travelers.

3. Village Economic Center (Balkondes)

source: Media Indonesia

Apart from the tourist destinations above, you can also visit several Balkondes or village economic centers in Magelang, which of course is a recommendation for free tours near Borobudur for you.

Balkondes shows that this village is not only a tourist destination, but also has an important economic function for the local community. In this village economic center you can really take pictures and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere. Here are the balconydes recommendations that Minboo has collected and you can visit.

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