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Rows of places to eat Sop Senerek in Magelang

Holiday Ayo - Not much different from soup in general, this Magelang-style senerek soup is a food made from senerek beans.

The origins of senerek soup itself can be traced quite far back to the colonial period of Dutch colonialism. So, it could be said that this senerek soup is the result of Dutch culinary acculturation during the colonial period.


Serenek soup is suitable as a breakfast or lunch menu, you can try it when traveling to Magelang City. 


Try the following places to eat Magelang's typical senerek soup, cheap prices start from IDR 7,000. 


1. Warung Makan Serenek "Bu Atmo" 


Warung Makan Senerek "Bu Atmo" is one of the legendary places to eat typical Magelang culinary delights, founded in 1967, located close to the Magelang City Square. 


Warung Makan Serenek "Bu Atmo" provides one portion of senerek soup containing rice, spinach, carrots, a choice of beef or beef offal, and red beans. 


Warung Makan Serenek "Bu Atmo" has a large space for lunch with a group.


2. Sop Serenek Pak Parto 


Sop Senerek Pak Parto is one of the popular places to enjoy the typical Magelang senerek soup. Here, there is a portion of senerek soup filled with rice, red beans, carrots, spinach, clear broth, and a choice of meat or offal such as iso, tripe, and lung. 


Sop Senerek Pak Parto has a fairly large and comfortable area for families. 


3. Warung Nasi Sop Serenek Pisangan (Mbak Ratmin) 


Warung Nasi Sop Senerek Pisangan (Mbak Ratmin) is in Magelang Regency, you can try visiting it. 


Warung Nasi Sop Senerek Pisangan (Mbak Ratmin) provides various food menus, one of which is senerek soup. 


Warung Nasi Sop Serenek Pisangan (Mbak Ratmin) is served with rice separated and there are several side dishes such as fried foods. 


4. Warung Senerek Sabar Menanti 


Warung Senerek Sabar Menanti can be visited for dinner, because the stall opens at 18.30 WIB. 


Warung Senerek Sabar Menanti provides senerek soup with two variants of beef or chicken. 


Warung Senerek Sabar Menanti also provides side dishes such as fried foods. One serving of senerek soup contains rice, red beans, carrots and sliced meat.

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