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Semen Indonesia Records Expenditure on Domestic Products of IDR 21.39 Trillion in 2022

Holiday Ayo - PT Semen Indonesia Tbk recorded spending on domestic products of IDR 21.39 trillion in 2022. This number grew 92.3 percent of the company's total spending on goods and services of IDR 23.16 trillion.

As cited from, Main Director of SIG, Donny Arsal, said the use of domestic products was a strategic initiative of SIG as stated in the 2020-2030 SIG sustainability road map.

"SIG supports government programs and policies in P3DN and the Proudly Made in Indonesia National Movement (Gernas BBI), for national economic growth by opening the widest possible opportunities for domestic large industries and small and medium enterprises, to participate in the SIG supply chain,” said Donny in his statement, Friday (17/3).

According to Donny, the use of domestic products at SIG also received appreciation from the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), by winning the 2023 Domestic Product Use Award (P3DN) as the Best Domestic Product User, in the category of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN).

P3DN is given by the Ministry of Industry to parties who have contributed to optimizing the use of domestic products, which are expected to encourage the interest of users of domestic products, while at the same time arousing business passion for industry players in the country.

The Ministry of Industry conducts an assessment with several considerations, including user compliance with the obligation to use domestic products in accordance with statutory provisions, as well as the realization of the use of domestic products in the procurement of goods and services.

In addition, there are also aspects of the evaluation that come from the evaluation process in the implementation of P3DN and aspects of domestic product campaigns that have been implemented.

For producer assessment, this includes ownership of the TKDN value of the product, user acceptance of the product in question, as well as implementing campaigns for the use of domestic products within the company's internal environment or society in general.

"Through the use of domestic products, SIG hopes that the domestic industry can become a driving force for the economy by opening up broad employment and business opportunities, and making Indonesia a producer country," he added.

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) conveyed that the use of domestic products could boost the country's economy. For this reason, ministries, government agencies both central and regional, to BUMN and BUMD, must optimize the procurement of goods and services from within the country.

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