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Sharing Tips for Enjoying the Upas Dew Phenomenon in Dieng and Bromo

Holiday Ayo - Some highland areas in Indonesia are experiencing the phenomenon of dew or frost. This upas dew phenomenon is common in the Dieng plateau, Banjarnegara Regency, Mount Bromo, the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) area, and Ranupane Lumajang, East Java.

Upas dew is frozen dew due to very cold temperatures in some areas. This unique phenomenon usually occurs in the dry season between June-August. There are a number of tips for people who want to see the upas dew phenomenon so that this rare moment is maximized.

As cited from, here are five tips for seeing upas dew.

1. Time and location

Before seeing upas dew, make sure you know the best time to see this phenomenon. In addition, the public should know where to see upas dew. The phenomenon of upas dew in Dieng can be found in the Arjuna Temple complex.

Meanwhile, the best time to see upas dew is at 05.30 WIB, or the morning before sunrise. Because, if the sun rises, the upas dew will melt.

2. Thick jacket

Upas dew is of course accompanied by very cold weather. Therefore, tourists are advised to wear thick jackets when they see upas dew. Not without reason, when the upas dew phenomenon takes place, the air temperature in Dieng is very cold, even reaching minus one degree Celsius.

Similarly, the lowest air temperature at Mount Bromo reaches two degrees Celsius. Therefore, the thick jacket is expected to be able to warm and protect the body from extreme weather. Thus, tourists are more comfortable when they see the phenomenon of upas dew. Also read: Upas Dew, the Sensation of Enjoying Winter in Dieng

3. Items that must be brought

In addition to a thick jacket, there are a number of items that must be carried by tourists when they see upas dew. Examples of items that must be carried include gloves, headgear, scarves, masks, medicines, vitamins, and so on.

4. Hot food and drinks

In addition to luggage, tourists who want to see the upas dew phenomenon are advised to bring warm food and drinks. The warm provision is able to make the body condition better when in very cold temperatures.

If you don't have time to bring warm food and drinks, tourists can buy them at the nearby stalls.

5. Camera setup

Tips that are no less important before seeing upas dew is to prepare the camera. Of course, every tourist wants to capture this unique natural phenomenon.

Tourists are free to choose the camera that will be used to photograph dew upas, both professional cameras and from cellphones. However, make sure that the camera is functioning properly so that you can capture the momentum of the dew ups.

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