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Singaporean Food and Drink Souvenirs

Holiday Ayo - Visiting Singapore without bringing home the typical souvenirs certainly feels lacking. The Lion Land has a variety of popular souvenirs.

Tourists can bring home a variety of foods from a number of local Singapore brands as souvenirs. Besides being able to be eaten alone, this food is also suitable as a gift.

The following are recommendations for typical Singapore food and drink souvenirs, according to the Singapore Tourism Board:


1. Kaya jam, ground coffee and pastries


One of the famous jam and ground coffee brands in Singapore is Ya Kun. This Singaporean brand has been popular since 1940 and was started by Loi Ah Koon who migrated to the country at the age of 15.


The original rich jam recipe is still made by Ah Koon's wife. This jam is made from a mixture of coconut milk, eggs, sugar, and pandan leaves. In addition to rich jam, there is also brown sugar rich jam that can be purchased in this country.


Tourists can also buy roasted ground coffee and Ya Kun cookies. These three dishes can be enjoyed as breakfast. This product is available at all Ya Kun shops, supermarkets and gift shops at Changi Airport.


2. Halal snacks


This one souvenir is suitable for snack lovers. Golden Duck is a local Singaporean chip brand that has been around since 2015. Tourists can buy potato chips, fish skin crackers with salted egg flavor, and other variants.


Meanwhile, for those who love spicy and spicy flavors, they can buy fish crackers, beancurd chips, and mushroom chips with the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot Fragrant Mix flavor. The hot-pot mala is said to be rich in the flavors of Sichuan chili, cilantro, cumin, fennel, and celery.


Launching the Singapore Tourism Board, the snack from Golden Duck has received a halal certificate and uses environmentally friendly packaging. This snack can be purchased at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Chinatown Point, and all convenience stores in Singapore.


3. Chocolate


Chocolate can be one of the recommendations for souvenirs, especially if it comes in unique shapes and colors. One of the chocolate brands in Singapore is Janice Wong. His name comes from the name of a pastry chef who was invited as a guest star on the television program MasterChef Australia.


Tourists can buy Chocolate Bon Bons and Chocolate Crayons, which are the brand's flagship products. According to the official website, Chocolate Bon Bons consists of various shapes and flavors, including chili rice, Melaka pandan sugar, and kaffir lime caramel.


Meanwhile, Chocolate Crayons are shaped like colorful crayons that are safe to eat. This chocolate can be purchased at Janice Wong Paragon and Janice Wong Raffles City.

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