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Son Haji Sony Meatballs, Popular Food in Lampung

Holiday Ayo - If you happen to visit and are in Lampung, try to taste Son Haji Sony Meatballs. This fresh soupy food is very famous and seems to be an icon of the city of Bandar Lampung.

The people of Lampung are no strangers to meatballs that have been around since 1996. When they arrived at the location at noon, they could see a long line of vehicles looking for parking around the shop located at Wolter Monginsidi Street, Number 42 A, Durian Payung, Tj District. Coral Center, Bandar Lampung City.

You can see various number plates from various regions in Indonesia, taking the time to enjoy a snack that is very popular in the local community and also residents outside Lampung.

Of course, the menu that many hunters are looking for is the meatball which is the trademark. Although not different from other meatballs in general, the Sony Lampung Meatballs are always visited by the public.

In fact, Sony's Meatballs don't seem to have strange variants like "contemporary meatballs" which have large sizes and portions with different combinations.

In this case, Sony's Meatballs is priced at IDR 20 thousand for the plain option (without vegetables and also noodles) and at the same price as the noodle mix. In addition, there are also menu options for chicken noodle lovers with additional meatballs for IDR 20 thousand and chicken noodles without meatballs for IDR 14 thousand.

In one serving there are six meatballs with the standard dimensions of meatballs in general, namely medium dimensions. The meatball itself is not too soft, you have to use a spoon to cut it with a fork.

Even so, when the meatball pieces enter the mouth, the texture is very dense but still chewy and easy to mash, so it doesn't feel like the six meatballs in the bowl are quickly gone.

The pleasure of this meatball cannot be separated from the role of the sauce which is very tasty and also very appetizing. So, one serving of meatballs is not enough to cover the stomach which is already time to be filled.

For those who are outside Bandar Lampung, they can still enjoy the meatballs. The reason is, at this outlet they have packages that can be used as souvenirs when they return to their hometown.

This gift package is served frozen, so it won't go stale if you make it as a souvenir. In addition there are various kinds of food such as Pempek, Otak-otak and also Tekwan. The prices offered also vary from IDR 150 thousand to the cheapest at IDR 35 thousand.

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