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Starting August 1, 2022 Komodo Island Entrance Ticket Prices Increase

Holiday Ayo - Starting August 1, 2022, the Regional Government of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and the Komodo National Park Office (BTNK) plan to set the cost to the Komodo National Park (TNK) conservation area, to IDR 3.75 million per person for a period of one year.

As cited from, the Coordinator of the Program for Strengthening the Functions of the Komodo National Park, Carolina Noge, explained the reasons for setting the price for new entrance tickets to TNK.

The ticket fee is IDR 3.75 million due to considering the cost of conservation for a period of one year. The quota for visits to KNP will also be limited to 200 thousand people per year.

Carolina also added that the plan is that the fee will be applied collectively and systematically, which is IDR 15 million per person over a four-year period.

Conservation costs are increasing, due to the loss of value for ecosystem services. This happened in line with the surge in the number of tourists visiting the Komodo National Park area in recent years.

Every tourist who enters the area is considered to have various influences, both directly and indirectly, on animals, biodiversity, and the entire ecosystem there.

Based on the calculations and recommendations from related parties, the cost of conservation as compensation for each tourist visit ranges from IDR 2,943,730 to IDR 5,887,459.

In addition to the new pricing, the quota of tourists who want to visit Komodo National Park will also be limited to 200 thousand people per year. To get tickets, tourists are required to register online through a web page that will be opened in the near future.

This regulation on tourist quotas is the result of a study by experts presented in the Ecosystem-Based Carrying Capacity Study in Komodo National Park. The results of the study state that the ideal number of tourists is 219 thousand people per year and the maximum number is 292 thousand people per year.

The results of the study show that the number is almost the same as the level of visits to Komodo National Park in 2019, namely 221,000 people on Komodo Island. As for Padar Island, the Komodo National Park Office has implemented a policy of visiting 100 people per visit or session and in one day there are three sessions.

The Head of the Study on the Carrying Capacity of Komodo National Park, Irman Firmansyah, from the Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB), said that this restriction was carried out in order to preserve the wildlife and ecosystems in Komodo National Park.

"In principle, visitors don't just want to see Komodo dragons. If they want to see, just go to the zoo. However, we want to see the wild life, and there (Komodo National Park) must be really maintained. Conservation must be dominant," explained Irman.

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