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Starting May 20, Mount Fuji climbing tickets can be purchased online

Holiday Ayo - Mount Fuji, Japan's tourism icon, is hit by overtourism. The cherry blossom country government has also restricted climbing by implementing a new ticket sales system.

According to AFP, Japan will implement online purchasing of tickets to climb Mount Fuji. Tickets are on sale for hikes on the Yoshida trail, Yamanashi. 


The online purchasing system was implemented after the local government announced restrictions on climbers per day on the route in question. 


The government limits it to 4 thousand climbers per day. The ticket itself is sold for 2 thousand yen or around Rp. 205 thousand. 


Online bookings will open on May 20 during the July-September climbing season. Climbers will be asked to make a reservation via the official Mount Fuji website and pay the ticket price listed. 


After making payment, climbers will receive a QR code which must then be scanned at the entrance to the Yoshida trail.


Climbers will also be asked to re-register online. Re-registration is done no later than one day before the scheduled climb. 


However, citing GMA Network, this does not mean that all climbers are required to make reservations or order online.


Climbers can also come directly to the location and enter the climbing route if slots are still available. However, if the slot is full, climbers cannot enter the Mount Fuji climbing route. 


Apart from that, the local government will also close the Yoshida route from 16.00 to 03.00 local time. This is done to prevent climbers who only want to climb to the top and watch the sunrise without spending the night in the cabin provided. 


Japan itself has continued to be hit by overtourism since last year. Now, the Japanese government is implementing various strategies to overcome this. 


Mount Fuji itself is one of the favorite mountains of travelers. The peak of Mount Fuji is almost covered in snow all year round. This is the main attraction for this mountain as high as 3,766 meters above sea level.

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