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Surfing to Know the History and Development of Pizza

Holiday Ayo - Hundreds of years before entering the 16th century, pizza became the food of poor people in Naples, a city in Italy. Pizza bread is made of wheat, with a flat shape, plain color, and bland taste. The people of Naples smeared the surface of one type of this dry bread using olive oil so that it would not get stuck in the throat when eaten. 

source: godiscover

Starting in the 19th century, tomatoes began to be used by Italian people as an additional flavor in food preparations. The people of Naples tried to sprinkle tomato slices on pizza. In addition to tomatoes, they also added cheese, mozzarella, some also added onions or small fish. In 1889, King Umberno (the King who ruled Italy) and Queen Margherita visited Naples. A baker named Raffaele Esposito cooked a special pizza for the queen. The queen really liked the pizza. Raffaele named the pizza Pizza Margherita and made it a mainstay menu to sell. 

Since then, pizza bread has become very famous throughout Italy. Many people cook and eat pizza at home, not only the poor. Many restaurants also sell pizza. Some Italians move to neighboring countries, including America. In America, they make a living by selling pizza. 

In 1905, a pizza shop was opened in New York, United States. There are pizzas with thin and thick bread, topped with various types of tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, onions, olives. minced meat, bacon, sausage, fish, shrimp, etc. sauces, cheeses and seasonings are also varied. 

source: Southern Living

Pizza started to enter Indonesia around 1980. However, at that time, what entered Indonesia was American pizza brought by Americans, not Italian pizza. After American pizza became famous in Indonesia, then pizza from Italy entered. However, until now, pizza from its original country, Italy, has not been able to beat the popularity of American pizza in Indonesia. 

Some differences between American pizza and Italian pizza. American pizza with thick and soft bread, using tomato sauce as its sauce, mixing various types of meat as its toppings. While Italian pizza has thin and tends to be crispy bread, using sliced tomatoes, olive oil or oregano as its sauce, preferring to mix various types of mushrooms, fruits or vegetables as its toppings. 

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