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Suro 1st Night Ritual Climbing Abolished Due to the Status of Mount Slamet Waspasa

Holiday Ayo - The climb to Mount Slamet on the night of 1 Suro, which is usually done via the Baturraden route, Banyumas Regency, Central Java, will be canceled this year. 

This decision takes into account the status of Mount Slamet, which is currently still at level II or alert status. Every year local people always climb to the top of Mount Slamet to hold prayers. 


However, until now the climbing route has been temporarily closed by Perhutani until the mountain's status is declared safe. 


Slamet Mountaineering Community (SMC) Ranger activist, Eko Cahyono, said that as a substitute for this ritual, his party was holding an educational camp at the Botanical Park, Baturraden, Banyumas, on 6-7 July 2024. 


“Since last May the status has increased, so we decided to only hold an educational camp," said Eko, Saturday (6/7). 


He said that even though climbing was cancelled, holding educational camps did not reduce the essence of the ritual on the 1st night of Suro, Javanese New Year. Although every year a climb is always held. 


“Even though in previous years, mountain climbing enthusiasts and nature lovers always climbed to the top of Mount Slamet via the Baturraden route," he explained. 


There are various series of events held in this activity. At its core is a shared prayer ritual. 


“This educational camp starts on Saturday at 10.00 WIB with prayers with the community, tourist attraction managers, sponsors, and Forkompimcam Baturraden," he explained. 


Apart from that, the educational camp participants also held a celebration together with tourism actors and tourism benefit users in Baturraden. 


So far, nine participants have registered. This number will likely increase before camp starts.


“After praying together, the participants climbed through the jungle gate of the fighting route at the Pancuran Pitu Palawi Baturraden complex. While camping at the tourist complex we held a discussion with Kang Agen Beret from IMT Janabuana Bandung," he concluded.

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