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Tasting Sop Gajah Seyegan, Typical Culinary in Sleman

Holiday Ayo - Sop Gajah Seyegan right in Padukuhan Kandangan, Kalurahan Margodadi, Kapanewon Seyegan, Sleman Regency, DI Yogyakarta, is a culinary dish that serves a variety of processed meat, bones, and beef lard.

Later the preparations will be served with a varied menu, such as soup, satay, balung mamoth, to meatballs.

As cited from, the manager of Sop Gajah Seyegan, Merioci Putri, said the name Sop Gajah Seyegan was based on a story or philosophy from Sleman Regency where there were elephants in the area.

"So if you look at elephant statues in several locations, be it in Denggung Field, Sleman Regency," said Merioc.

According to Merioci, there are not many restaurants that sell various dishes made from processed beef with a complete menu in western Sleman. He decided soup to be the mainstay of his restaurant. Nothing wrong, because Sop Gajah Seyegan is always crowded, especially on weekends.

Many tourists deliberately come to various dishes at Sop Gajah Seyegan. He is able to sell 300 servings of food a day on weekends. It took 50 kilograms of meat, bones, and beef salary to be served to visitors.

The chef for Sop Gajah Seyegan, Warseno Putra, said that it takes a lot of spices to cook various beef preparations.

"The challenge is definitely because the beef bones are big, they have to be cooked for three hours and mixed with spices," said Warseno.

Of course, the spices are to remove the fishy smell and bring out the distinctive taste of Sop Gajah Seyegan. The price of food at Sop Gajah Seyegan starts from IDR 15,000 - IDR 99,000 per portion.

The location is in Kandangan, Margodadi, Seyegan District, Sleman Regency. The restaurant is surrounded by a large garden for visitors to enjoy the open view.

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