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The Beauty of the Brown Canyon Cliffs, Natural Tourism Like in Arizona

Holiday Ayo - In Indonesia there are natural tourist attractions such as in Arizona, United States. This place is known as Brown Canyon. This tourist attraction has become a place that is quite viral, because it has high cliffs that are instagrammable.

What are the facilities in Brown Canyon and the history of their origins? The city of Semarang has long been a tourist destination that is always busy with tourists. It's not surprising that Brown Canyon is increasingly crowded with visitors on weekends.

source: Blog Reservasi

The Brown Canyon tourist attraction is located in Rowosari, Tembalang, Semarang, Central Java. Access is relatively easy from Semarang city center, by private vehicle or public transportation. It is located exactly 2 km south of TVRI Central Java , Pucang Gading Mranggen. Tourists can use the Meteseh Market route via Tembalang, Kedungmundu, or Klipang Regional Hospital.

If you are coming from the city of Semarang, you can take the direction of Perum Klipang and go to the iron bridge. After the iron bridge, there is a T-junction to the right and you will immediately encounter the beautiful high cliffs of Brown Canyon. It's different from the Simpang Lima direction . you need to go to Mrican, Kedungmundu, then reach the Mateseh Market intersection and turn left.

Easy access from any point in the area is the advantage of this tourist destination in Semarang. According to Picnic Traces , Brown Canyon was not originally created as a place for general tourists.This area was formed due to natural processes and excavations from a discontinued project. Mining around Semarang created the Brown Canyon cliffs.

This Semarang tourist area is the C excavation area, which has been a mining site for more than a decade. Initially, this place was the center of livelihood for miners, either dumping soil or rock for industrial purposes. Mining carried out for days later formed the curve of a high , brown cliff that is beautiful and unique.

Many people say that this cliff is similar to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States. Due to advances in technology, this previously unknown place has become viral, visited by local and foreign tourists. Tourists from various countries come in droves to see firsthand the beauty of Brown Canyon or the high cliffs in the city center.


The beauty and uniqueness of tourism in Semarang can be enjoyed for free. This means that the HTM or entrance ticket to this high cliff tourist attraction does not cost a penny. It's just that, you need to pay additional fees to park their vehicle or buy snacks around tourist locations.

Brown Canyon tourist operating hours are non-stop, aka open 24 hours. However, the highest number of visitors is in the afternoon hours before sunset . Even around tourist attractions, visitors can still see several mining trucks that are unused and abandoned. The heavy equipment and vehicles make this place look like a historical record that was formed due to the excavation process.

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