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The Blanco Renaissance Museum, Ubud

Holiday Ayo - One of the best attractions of Bali is for certain the Blanco Renaissance museum. Although, as an unofficial landmark of Ubud the museum has got huge popularity for its exclusive collection made by the late Philippine-born maestro, Do Antonio Blanco. 

source: Befreetour

The place is built on the hilltop and the valley is on the show from there. The entire museum consists of lithographic artworks of nude Balinese women, paintings, collages, illustrated poetry and so on. In Blanco Renaissance museum you will get guided tours and if you are lucky then you will get to experience the guided tour hosted by the family members.

The tour of the Blanco Renaissance museum will provoke your thoughts in history and you would always want to know about the history of such a beautiful place with its amazing collection.

The owner and the founder of the Blanco Renaissance Museum are Mr. Mario Antonio Blanco, who loved creating artwork that depicts women. Antonio Blanco followed his artwork by using his wife as a model, who used to be a Balinese dancer, Ni Ronji. After that, he saw his artwork as his dream and he builds his own house as a place for his art collection.

His dream was to build this art museum and thus he turned the house into a museum on 28 December 1998 and from then Blanco Renaissance museum Bali was founded. The entire place is now filled with over 300 collections of painting. Mr. Blanco died at the age of 87 years old and his death was on 10 December 1999.

source: Klook

You can visit Bali from the start of April to September and then if you are visiting the Blanco Renaissance museum Ubud, you can visit the place in the morning, afternoon or in the evening any time you like. However, if you choose the morning time, it’s the perfect one to avoid the rush, because so many people visit the museum for its aesthetic beauty.

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