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The Origin of Takoyaki, Starting from the Limitation of Rice

Holiday Ayo - Have you ever tasted takoyaki? This typical Japanese cuisine seems to be familiar to the people of Indonesia. The reason is, there are many restaurants to street vendors who sell it.

As cited from Live Japan, takoyaki is generally known as a ball-shaped food with octopus filling. Usually takoyaki is found during summer festivals in Japan. Takoyaki has a crunchy outside and soft inside. It tastes savory and is usually eaten with a special sauce like oyster sauce.

The popularity of takoyaki in Osaka, Japan, is one of the reasons the owners and managers of Momokino outlets Yosuke Kino and Nelly decided to open takoyaki outlets in Indonesia.

Then, why is takoyaki so popular in Japan?

Nelly and Yosuke shared that the reason for the popularity of takoyaki in Japan can be seen from the emergence of takoyaki. They explain that takoyaki was originally invented in Osaka in 1935.

Then it developed into a popular food after the war in Japan ended. At that time the existence of rice was quite difficult to find in Japan because the forests and rice fields had been burned down after the war. So that people switch to using food ingredients that still exist, such as wheat flour.

This food transition makes takoyaki, which was originally only a side dish, turned into a main dish.

Adding from Live Japan, the current existence of takoyaki is the result of a revolution from previous similar foods. Initially, it started with a takoyaki-like dish called choboyaki, which has the shape of a flat rectangle.

After that it develops into rajioyaki, in the form of a ball with beef filling. Departing from the form of serving rajioyaki, takoyaki is formed with octopus meat filling. Since the discovery of takoyaki, this food has begun to be liked by Japanese people and is often found in shops, restaurants, and festival events.

Takoyaki is increasingly becoming a popular food in Osaka, Japan, because most families there have their own takoyaki creations.

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