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The Sleeping Buddha Statue Tourist Attraction At The Dharma Giri Vihara

Holiday Ayo - On the Island of the Gods, Bali itself, there are many Vihara buildings which are holy places for Buddhists. These places of worship look beautiful and attractive, so some of them have become tourist destinations. Vihara buildings usually have their own characteristics, such as stupa-shaped buildings, pagodas, bell altars and of course statues of the Buddha, and sometimes there are even temple or konco buildings.

Like the Dharma Giri Vihara building in Pupuan village, Tabanan Bali, apart from having a statue of the Buddha sitting cross-legged, there is also a large, clean white statue of the Sleeping Buddha, which looks majestic and spectacular in the beautiful natural scenery of this area, so The Sleeping Buddha statue has become one of the new tourist attractions in the Tabanan Bali tourism area.

source: The Bali Bible

This Sleeping Buddha Statue is placed on a wooden platform, its appearance is very striking, the location to the Sleeping Buddha Statue is also very easy to reach because it is on the side of the main Pupuan - Singaraja highway, so if you are planning a sightseeing tour on the Island of the Gods, Bali, and want to If you find new places, you can try visiting this tourist attraction in Tabanan, Bali.

Moreover, now there is a tourist trend for selfie photos, so places like the Sleeping Buddha Statue in the Dharma Giri Vihara area could be your next visit destination, the access road to Pupuan village is also quite beautiful, the expanse of terraced rice fields or terraces is an interesting and soothing treat along the way. journey.

Arriving at the location, a parking area has been provided for visitors whether praying or for tourist purposes. Entering the main gate with two dragon statues on the left and right sides starts your journey enjoying the calm and peaceful atmosphere at the Dharma Giri Vihara which blends beautifully with the natural green mountains that look natural.

For tourists who want to schedule a tour and visit the Dharma Giri Vihara, there is no entrance ticket to visit here, only a generous donation, so this place can complete your cheap holiday agenda on the Island of the Gods, Bali.

Moving up the stairs, a monument with 3 statues of lion heads on top welcomes your arrival. This monument is known as the Asoka inscription, adopting folklore from India. In this area there are many wise writings quoted from the teachings of the Buddha, including teachings about tolerance between religious communities.

source: Visit Bali

Moving further along several stairs, you can see the Sleeping Buddha statue on the left, which is the main tourist destination for this place. This statue is located on a wooden deck, if you want to enjoy it you have to take off your footwear first. It is a general rule for Buddhists to remove their footwear when entering the prayer room.

The Sleeping Buddha statue is indeed a special icon for the tourist attraction at Vihara Dharma Giri Pupuan Tabanan, with the natural backdrop of the mountains behind the statue looking green, with a fresh natural highland atmosphere that makes visitors feel at home. The existence of this statue complements the interesting places in the Tabanan district tourism area.

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