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This is the Origin of Cucur Cake

Holiday Ayo - Cucur cake is a delicious cake that everyone likes with its sweet taste, soft texture and fragrant aroma. Of course, this cake is perfect for a delicious breakfast or snack, and goes especially well with coffee or tea. The following are the origins of the cucur cake that people rarely know.

source: kumparan

Many people believe that cucur cake is a typical Betawi snack, but it turns out it can also be found in several other places. It can even be found in neighboring countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

In Betawi society, this cake is a popular snack at celebratory events, such as weddings, circumcisions or arts events. It is a very sweet and dense cake made with lots of brown sugar.

Thai cucur cake is often considered a symbol of love with the name khanom fak bua. Thai wedding guests traditionally enjoy a slice of this cake at every celebration. Thai people believe that the shape of the cucur cake which resembles a lotus flower symbolizes the love of a couple. They hope that love will continue to grow in married life.

In Malaysia, the dish known as kuih cucur is popular, but in the Sabah area it is known as pinjaram, and in Sarawak it is known as penyaram. These are all variations on the same theme – sweet dishes.

source: kompas

In Brunei, cucur cake is known as kuih pinyaram. This is a type of sweet cake made from rice flour, sugar, and various spices.

The cucur cake has a simple shape, but is very popular with the wider community. Often used as a delivery vehicle for cultural events from several regions.

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