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To make the U-17 World Cup a success, PLN guarantees controlled electricity supply

Holiday Ayo - PLN East Java ensures that there are no problems with the electricity supply to support the U-17 World Cup.

Senior Manager of Communications and General Affairs of PT PLN (Persero) East Java Kemas Distribution Main Unit Abdul Gaffur said that his party will of course continue to be committed to making the U-17 World Cup a success which will be held in 4 cities in Indonesia, including Surabaya, Jakarta, Bandung and Solo. 


He said that this event was an extraordinary opportunity to show the international world that PLN, especially East Java and Surabaya, was ready if there was an international celebration event.


“This event is an extraordinary opportunity for us to show the international world that the choice of Indonesia, especially Surabaya, is the right step. And we from PLN are committed to participating in making it a success through the readiness of a reliable electricity supply as the main backbone for the success of the event," said Kemas reported from, Friday (17/11).


As proof, in East Java the electric power capacity is 9,999 megawatts (MW) with a peak load of 6,664 MW, so there is still a power reserve of 3,335 MW. 


“PLN assigned 180 standby personnel spread across 15 event locations, both at the main location, namely in Surabaya, Gelora Bung Tomo Stadium and training stadiums such as Gelora 10 November Stadium and Thor Field. Then at the entrance to Surabaya, namely Juanda Airport and also hotels. Hotels for players or team officials to stay at," said



Apart from that, specifically at the main location, namely at GBT Station, the electricity needs are supplied with three layers of security, namely through the GBT Express Feeder as the main supply, the GH Tandono Feeder (Alta Prima Main Substation) and the Randu Padangan Feeder from (Sambi Kerep Main Substation) as backup feeder.


“Not only that, we also have 9 UPS with a capacity of 2,200 KVA, 14 generators with a capacity of 6,100 KVA and 10 UGB with a capacity of 3,640 KVA, and there is a mobile mini scada to monitor the condition of the electricity supply at that location," explained Kemas. 


“Then, to ensure everything runs smoothly, PLN also plays an active role in continuing to coordinate with the LOC and Venue Management, namely the Surabaya City Dispora, in order to ensure the safety of electrical installations at the GBT stadium both during and outside the match," he continued.


Therefore, he hopes that the U-17 World Cup can run well, namely that the benefits can be felt by the continuity and readiness of the electricity supply from PLN, both for all players and spectators present. 


“So that we can be a barometer for the implementation of similar events, they can be placed in Indonesia and of course they can be held in Surabaya as an option, which indicates that PLN is ready to look after and is ready to provide the best service to the community, to customers, of course also bringing Indonesia's good name internationally," he said.

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