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Tourist Attractions in Melbourne

Holiday Ayo - As a cosmopolitan city in Australia, Melbourne is a dynamic city where various cultures combine beautifully, making it a unique destination, especially among young people who enjoy the arts. Tourists can find unique trinkets and works of art in the quaint markets that dot several areas of Melbourne. 

Not only that, many tourists also come to this city to enjoy the sunset view from St. Mary's Pier. Kilda and taste a variety of delicious culinary delights at several famous eating places in Melbourne. Melbourne also has playgrounds that you can visit with your family, one of which is Luna Park Melbourne. In this place, various types of fun rides are available, equipped with quality facilities to create a memorable holiday experience with your loved ones.

After Sidney, Melbourne is the second most popular city in Australia. The capital of the state of Victoria was founded in 1835 on the large bay of Port Phillip. Famous for its people's great love for various types of sports such as rugby , cricket and tennis, there are many sports fields and stadiums in this city. However, that doesn't mean other tourist attractions in Melbourne are unattractive.

Not only is Melbourne famous as the tourist center of Australia, currently it is also known as a city of culture and arts in this country. You will easily find cultural diversity and cool street art by local artists. Repeatedly ranked as one of the most comfortable countries to live in, it's no wonder that tourists find it difficult to resist coming back.

1. Sealife Melbourne Aquarium

source: Aussie Centre

This giant aquarium, which began operating in 2000, is located on the banks of the Yarra River, close to the Flinders Street Bridge and King Street Bridge. Designed by an architect named Peddle Thorp, the Sealife Melbourne Aquarium is shaped like a ship anchored in a river. In it, you can see lots of marine animals ranging from sharks, crocodiles, jellyfish and even penguins.

2. Yarra River

source: Yarra River Cruises

This river has very strong historical ties to Melbourne. Flowing from Melbourne's rural areas to the city center, this river was once the most important support for the lives of local residents. On this river that flows into Port Phillip Bay, you can find the city's most famous golf course and a beautiful park. To make it more impressive, you can go down the river with a cruise ship service that departs from Federation Square.

3. Ashcombe Maze and Lavender Garden

source: TimeOut

Lovers of holidays with a natural feel as well as those who like challenges and exciting things, please stop by this Melbourne tourist destination. The maze here is the oldest traditional maze in Australia. You can try to solve the route in the Lavender Labyrinth or Circular Rose Labyrinth with 1,200 roses that make up it.

Once you're tired of playing, you and your family can spend time at the Great Ashcombe Gnome Hunt. Ashcombe Cafe and several shops selling plant seeds and various souvenirs are also good shopping options before going home.

4. Queen Victoria Market

source: Eater

If you are looking for a place where you can buy various necessities during the holidays, come to Queen Victoria Market. This market, which is open during the week except Wednesdays and Mondays, offers many choices ranging from food ingredients, clothing, shoes, jewelry to handicrafts. Because it is so complete, this market often becomes a shopping tourist attraction that is always attractive to tourists.

5. St. Patrick's Beach Kilda

source: Viator

Located 6 kilometers south of the city of Melbourne, St. Kilda offers views of white sand with crashing waves and palm trees lining the shore. You can just take a walk enjoying the sea breeze or play beach volleyball. On the main road, you can find a row of cafes and restaurants ready to welcome you with a variety of typical Melbourne dishes.

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