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Tourist Destinations in Osaka That You Must Visit

Holiday Ayo - Not only is Tokyo a favorite of foreign tourists, Osaka is also one of the most visited cities when traveling to Japan. In this city, the modern feel mixed with local culture is very strong. This practically makes Osaka a city famous for its combination of culture, culinary delights and urban planning that is a feast for the eyes.

So, for those of you who are visiting Osaka for the first time, there are many interesting tourist attractions that you must visit. Immediately, take a look at several tourist destinations that you can visit in this city which is famous for having many rivers.

1. Dotonbori

source: Osaka Station

Dotonbori is an icon of the city of Osaka which is one of the favorite destinations for tourists. Dotonbori is also known as the shopping district in the south of Osaka and stretches along the Dotonbori river. Thus, it is not surprising that this district is synonymous with various giant billboards, such as Glico (a famous food company from Osaka), a moving crab statue, an octopus statue, and various other billboards. Apart from taking photos with billboards in the background, there are many activities you can do when visiting this district, one of which is enjoying takoyaki which is a typical Osaka food.

2. Don Quijote Ferris Wheel

source: Muza-chan's Gate to Japan

The Don Quijote Dotonbori Ferris Wheel located at the Ebisu Tower is an oval-shaped Ferris wheel that rotates horizontally. The operational hours of this Ferris wheel start from 14.00-20.00 local time. In one gondola, there are four seats in a sideways position. If you ride this Ferris wheel at night, you have the opportunity to feast your eyes on the colorful lights of the Dotonbori district.

3. Umeda Sky Building

source: Osaka Info

When visiting Osaka, don't miss the opportunity to visit the Umeda Sky Building in the Umeda area. This 40-story skyscraper is a combination of offices, shopping centers and apartments. Apart from that, this building has an observation deck on the top floor. If you are not afraid of heights, you must visit the deck. The first access you have to take is to use the glass-walled elevator to the 35th floor. After that, you have to continue your journey to the 40th floor using a very long elevator. After arriving at the observation deck, you can see a panoramic view of Osaka city which contains rivers, train lines and skyscrapers.

4. Shopping Center Shinsaibashi-suji

source: Osaka Hacks

If your main goal is shopping, Shinsaibashi-suji could be the right choice. As one of the largest shopping centers in Japan, this area is filled with various kinds of shops selling local to luxury goods. Apart from that, this area is also equipped with a free WiFi connection that tourists can use. No need to worry about going hungry, in this area there are also many shops and restaurants that you can visit immediately after shopping.

5. Hozenji Yokocho


Not far from the Namba district which is filled with hundreds of glamorous restaurants and shops, you can find an area with small alleys known as Hozenji Yokocho. It is called Hozenji, because at the end of the hall there is a Buddhist temple built during the Edo period (around 1,600). Access to this temple is what can steal the attention of tourists. You can find various old buildings which have now been converted into souvenir shops and restaurants, ornamental Buddha statues, and stone paths with an old Japanese feel.

 6. Amerikamura

source: iStock

This district is a district where two cultures meet, namely America and Japan. In this district, you can find various shops selling clothing, as well as physical music releases. One of the shops that you must visit is the Kinji shop which is located in the Big Step building. This shop sells second-hand clothes and shoes with a strong Japanese feel from the past. So, if you intend to look for vinyl records or CDs, there are lots of shop choices in the area.

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