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Traditional Snack Pukis Cake, The Story of the Sampang Kebumen People Who were Kidnapped by Colonizers

Holiday Ayo - Pukis Cake is a traditional cake originating from Banyumas Regency, Central Java. Pukis Cake have spread throughout the archipelago. Easy to find on the roadside or in traditional markets. Pukis Cake are made with dough made from wheat flour, granulated sugar, eggs, coconut milk and yeast.

source: Fimela

Stir together then pour into a pukis mold and bake. Nowadays, Pukis Cake are often combined with cheese, meises, chocolate, nuts, and even sliced meat. It turns out that Pukis Cake in the archipelago have many fans. It turns out that this market snack is food from China which is now popular in Indonesia.

This story begins during the colonial era , the people of Sampang Kebumen were kidnapped by the colonialist at that time. The colonialists required those who were kidnapped to work making Pukis Cake. In the past, the Pukis Cakerecipe itself had never been told to anyone.

But, for some reason, someone among them got a tip about what ingredients are used to make Pukis Cake and how they are made. Finally, someone knew all about making Pukis Cake. Feeling bored of being colonized, someone who knew how to make  Pukis Cake took the initiative to escape from the place of kidnapping and managed to escape.

source: Resep Koki

Without waiting long after escaping, he immediately practiced making his own Pukis Cake. As a result, this Pukis Cake has become a favorite and is famous throughout Indonesia.

This semi-circular is truly timeless. In the past, the taste choices were only limited to original, cheese and chocolate, now Pukis Cake has gone up a class. Many have modified Pukis Cake with contemporary flavors, such as green tea, red velvet, and many more.

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