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Trunojoyo Park, Malang City, A Place for Healing with the Family

Holiday Ayo - No need to go far to look for a refreshing place, Malang City's central park  can be a small healing place for children and students. A gentle breeze will accompany visitors who stop at the city's central park.

Trunojoyo Park is located on Jalan Trunojoyo, Klojen District, Malang City. The park is very close to Malang City station.

source: Petualangan Malang

Trunojoyo Park is very suitable as a place to relax and there is also a fountain which makes this place even more beautiful to look at. This park area also provides many culinary delights, so visitors don't need to worry if they don't bring food from home. Many street vendors are ready to serve hungry visitors.

For students who like reading books, the government has provided a place to read called POCADI (Digital Reading Corner) which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Malang at Trunojoyo Park in 2021.

Quoted from the Malang City Government website , the book collection provided by Trunojoyo Park is very diverse. Starting from general books, school books, magazines, historical documentation and many more.

This park provides lots of seating spread across each area of the park. The seating is also under giant trees, so visitors don't need to be afraid of the heat or the heat. As said by Suprianto, one of the visitors to Trunojoyo Park.

Access to enter Trunojoyo Park is also quite easy and there is no fee to enter this park. Just pay the parking fee in the space provided in the street vendor area.

source: Tripadvisor

This park is also suitable for children who like to play, because there are many kinds of facilities that children can play with. Like swings and several other types of games. This is in line with what was said by the visitor who lives in Arjosari. Suprianto admitted that he often invites his children who feel bored if they stay at home

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