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Typical Bulgarian Foods That Stick to the Tongue

Holiday Ayo - Bulgarian food is so diverse that some recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, remaining unchanged for hundreds of years. There are also certain dishes prepared for special celebration days in Bulgaria, such as Christmas Eve, Easter, St. Patrick's Day. George and St. George's Day Nicholas.

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine has a specific and unique taste. Mostly authentic Bulgarian dishes, fairly easy to make. In contrast to traditional Indonesian dishes, some of which take hours to make. The following are typical Bulgarian culinary delights that you must try when traveling there 

1. Kebaches

source: Dinner By Dennis

This Bulgarian dish is quite easy to find even on the table of every Bulgarian family, kebapches are almost always present. In state events or welcoming State guests, kebapches are a favorite dish for many people, together with Tarator and Salad Shopska. Kebapches are dishes made of minced meat with spices such as pepper, cumin, salt, and others.

The minced meat that has been mixed with the spices is left to stand for a few hours so that it is perfectly absorbed. When cooked by roasting, the aroma will tempt anyone to immediately devour this Bulgarian specialty. Kebapches are oval in shape with a length of about 15 cm and a diameter of about 3 cm

2. Patatnik

source: Nomad Paradise

The recipe for the Bulgarian Patatnik dish has its origins in the Rhodope region. Patatnik is dominated by potato and white cheese flavors. Even the name of this food comes from the local vocabulary, namely patat which means potato. There are various ways to serve Patatnik, it can be baked, fried, boiled or using a rolled up sheet. Patatnik is also rich in spices and can be cooked with meat or without meat.

Whereas the classic Patatnik recipe usually only uses potatoes, white cheese, eggs, onions, spices, salt, pepper, and fresh mint leaves. To ensure the dish is evenly grilled and has the right crispness, Patatnik should be baked at a low temperature. Patatnik is also usually served with yogurt  or vegetables.

3. Tarators

source: LA.LV

This typical Bulgarian food is Cucumber Soup. Tarator is especially popular during summers because cucumber has a cooling effect on the body, and in winters not too many people make it. 

However, if you choose to eat at a restaurant, most restaurants will still include tractors on their menu throughout the year. The ingredients for making tarator include  yogurt , cucumbers, walnuts, salt, vegetable oil, and spices.

4. Shopska salad

source: Tara's Multicultural Table

This type of culinary is usually the most popular appetizer. Shopska is also very popular among foreign tourists who come to this country. The Shopska salad is main ingredients of fresh tomatoes and flavorful vegetables, plus savory and famously delicious Bulgarian white cheese. In some areas, roasted peppers are also added to this Bulgarian specialty.

Despite the fact that the Shopska Salad recipe originates from the capital city of Sofia, it is served all over Bulgaria. This salad is usually served as an appetizer or as an addition to dishes made from grilled meat. If all the main ingredients have been prepared, making this Shopska Salad dish is fairly easy and fast.

5. Sarmi


This typical Bulgarian snack contains chunks of meat or minced meat and seasoned rice, then wrapped in cabbage leaves in an oval shape. Even though it's a light meal, it's quite filling.

This popular dish has many versions for its presentation. During summer, sarmi is usually served with grape leaves. During winter sarmi is served with sauerkraut . For vegetarians, sarmi can be stuffed without meat and meatless sarmi is usually one of the dishes on Bulgarian Christmas Eve.

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