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Typical Canadian Foods that are Indonesian People's Favorites

Holiday Ayo - Canada is a large country located on the north side of the American continent. This country has a lot of attraction, especially for Indonesians. Traveling to this country from Indonesia will indeed take quite a long time, namely more than 24 hours of flight. However, what you will find in this country will not disappoint you, especially the typical food!

1. Nanaimo Bar

source : Preppy Kitchen

Nanaimo bars are a type of sweet snack, and are often consumed as a dessert. The name comes from the name of the city where this food first became popular, namely the city of Nanaimo, which is a city in British Canada.

This snack is in the form of a chip consisting of at least 3 layers. One of the layers consists of wafers. The next layer is crunchy crackers covered in chocolate or honey. The last layer consists of coconut crumbs.

2. Bagel

source : Solo Sophie

The next typical Canadian food is bagels. You certainly already know this dish. Because bagels are already quite popular. Bagels are round, ring-shaped pastries made from flour and yeast.

The characteristic of bagels from Canada is that their size is not as big as bagels from other countries such as bagels from the United States.

3. Couscous

source : Triathlon Magazine

The next typical food is Couscous. This food is not purely a Canadian dish. Because, this unique rice comes from an immigrant population from Arabia and Africa.

However, Couscous is a Canadian dish that you must try because its taste has been adapted to Canadian tastes. Couscous is rice cooked with meat and vegetables which is very delicious.

4. Tourtiere

source : Radio-Canada

Tourtiere is shaped like a pie. However, instead of using fruit like apples as a filling, Canadians fill them with meat. Starting from pork, beef, to fish.

What is also characteristic is that this dish is prepared with typical Canadian spices. This certainly makes the taste unique and authentic .

5. Lobster Sandwich

source : Nova Scotia

As a country with a long coastline, seafood is certainly one of the best menus. Not surprisingly, Lobster Sandwich is one of the typical foods which is certainly very interesting.

This menu has even been around since 1920 from the city of Connecticut. The combination of lobster, butter and black pepper flavors in this bun will make you fall in love.

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