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Typical Japanese Foods that are Famous and Popular in Indonesia

Holiday Ayo - Japanese culinary specialties are popular in Indonesia, so it's easy to find Korean snacks in Japanese restaurants, street vendors, or shops with a Sakura Country atmosphere. Typical Japanese food has a unique taste but is still suitable for most Indonesian palates, so it's not surprising that many people like it.

Japanese food is not only sushi, sashimi and ramen. There are many others that you should try if you like the typical culinary delights of Sakura Country. See various types of typical Japanese food that are popular in Indonesia below.

1. Onigiri

source: ResepKoki

The name of the Japanese food onigiri must be familiar to your ears, right? Onigiri is a rice ball dish that is usually wrapped in nori or dried seaweed sheets. The rice used is different from sushi because onigiri doesn't use rice vinegar, but you can add a little seasoning so it's not bland so it's definitely halal.

Nowadays, onigiri has been modified a lot so that it is not just rice shaped into a triangle then wrapped in nori. Sometimes shredded meat, fish and mayonnaise are added as filling. Or even use fried rice so it's not too bland.

This traditional Japanese food is very filling to eat as a breakfast menu because the main ingredient is rice. Bringing it as a lunch and accompanying it with additional side dishes or vegetable salad is an interesting idea!

2. Mochi

source: Halodoc

Another name for the most popular Japanese food is mochi, this includes a dessert made from glutinous rice flour which is processed in such a way and then shaped into balls. It tastes sweet and fresh, it's no wonder many people like it and even make it a souvenir that shouldn't be missed if you visit Sakura Country.

In Japan itself, mochi is usually made during the Mochitsuki celebration, namely a tea ceremony while enjoying mochi cake which has been a tradition passed down from generation to generation since the Heian period. The most interesting and exciting part is of course making the mochi itself.

Nowadays there are many variations of mochi, because many are served with delicious fillings such as fruit, chocolate paste, nuts, matcha, etc. according to taste. Finding it is not difficult, especially since many people sell it at quite affordable prices.

3. Takoyaki


Who has ever had takoyaki? Takoyaki is a Japanese-style street snack in the form of small balls filled with tako or octopus sprinkled with katsuobushi (thinly shaved skipjack tuna). Just like in our country, it is quite easy to find street vendors selling these delicious snacks at prices.

Takoyaki has a delicious savory taste, the texture is chewy when bitten, plus the octopus filling adds to the unique taste. Not everyone likes octopus for some reason, that's why nowadays takoyaki is modified with various fillings such as cheese, sausage, meatballs, and others.

4. Dorayaki

source: Just One Cookbook

When watching the Doraemon cartoon, you will definitely be familiar with the name of the Japanese food dorayaki. So, dorayaki is a traditional Japanese cake dish that has a round shape similar to a pancake but is thicker and filled with red bean paste or anko. But in modern times like this, you can find them with various fillings, for example chocolate, fruit jam, cheese, and so on.

Dorayaki has a sweet taste with a soft texture, so this sweet cake is very suitable as a snack or accompaniment to drinking tea. In Indonesia itself, although dorayaki is popular, not as many people sell it as takoyaki snacks.

5. Natto

source: Halodoc

A famous Japanese food that has recently been used as a challenge is natto. Even though it is popular in various countries, not everyone likes the aroma and taste of natto, including Indonesians.

Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans, so the texture is slightly sticky and slimy. For some people, the aroma is quite strong, so not everyone likes it even though it is actually delicious. The serving is mixed with soy sauce and mustard or egg yolk, then shaken until slightly foamy.

Enjoy the most delicious natto with warm rice or as an accompaniment to miso soup. Please note that natto is actually a healthy food because it contains a number of nutrients and probiotics which help increase the body's immunity.

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