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Typical Thai Volcanic Durian, Waiting List for a Year if You Want to Try It

Holiday Ayo - A variety of volcanic durian has emerged from Thailand which has become the target of many people. In fact, you need to be on a year's waiting list to be able to eat this durian. 

Volcanic durian has shocked fans of this distinctive aromatic fruit. Saiyut Jannsawang is a farmer who manages the first volcanic durian orchard in southern Thailand. 


This retired agricultural officer cultivates durian on about 6 hectares of land in Na Khao Sia Village, Trang Province. 


Jannsawang Farm has GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification from the Department of Agricultural Extension. 


This durian plantation is chemical free. Since last year, more than 300 customers have pre-ordered durian. From 300 trees, he is preparing to harvest 5 thousand durians. 


The demand is very high, but supply cannot be met considering there were already orders from the previous year. 


Volcanic durian seems to be beating the popularity of Monthong durian. It is called volcanic durian because durian trees are planted in volcanic soil or soil made from volcanic material. 


The characteristic of the volcanic durian cultivated by Jannsawang is its thin shell, only 0.5 cm. The texture of the durian flesh is also soft without fiber and melts in the mouth. 


Customers praise volcanic durian for its rich and balanced sweet and creamy taste. In fact, there are those who dare to say that volcanic durian is twice as delicious as Monthong durian. 


Asean Now reported that the Jannsawang garden could accommodate 220 durian trees including the Monthong, Chanee, Kan Yao, Nok Krachib, Long Lap Lae, Kradum and Puang Manee varieties. However, drought struck and only 130 trees remained.

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