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Visit Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto While Enjoying the Beauty of the Kolongan Beach Area

Holiday Ayo - North Sulawesi is a beach tourism paradise. In Minahasa Regency, for example, there are interesting places recommended for you.

The tourist attraction is Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto. This place is busy with visitors, especially every weekend. 


As the name suggests, Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto not only offers the beauty of white sand in the Kolongan Beach area, Kombi District. 


There are various menus like those of cafes and restaurants here. The management also provides various kinds of facilities that you can use while you are at Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto. 


There are tents if you want to stay overnight and experience the sensation of camping on the beach. Even though there are cafes and restaurants, visitors are allowed to bring food from outside. 


You can also bring a speaker to use for karaoke or to listen to your favorite songs. The entrance fee to Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto, outside of holidays, is charged IDR 25 thousand per person. 


For those who want to camp in the Kanzo Beach & Cafe Resto beach area, a fee of IDR 30 thousand is charged. 


Especially for Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, the entrance fee is IDR 20 thousand per person. For those who want to rent a room, the management provides 6 rooms, consisting of 2 rooms with fan facilities and 4 rooms with AC facilities. 


For rooms that only have a fan, the rental price is IDR 400 thousand. For air-conditioned rooms the rental price is IDR 500 thousand. 


The distance from Manado to this tourist location is around 56.6 km or around 1 hour 25 minutes by vehicle.


The routes used are the Manado - Bitung and Kema - Makalisung toll roads. From Tondano, the capital of Minahasa Regency, it is 25.4 km or around 50 minutes by vehicle. The routes taken are Tondano - Kakas Street and Toliang Oki - Kombi Street.

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