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Visiting Depok Beach which is Designed to be a Culinary Tourism Center

Holiday Ayo - Among other beaches in the Bantul area, Depok Beach seems to be the most designed to be a culinary tourism center enjoying sea food. On this beach, there are a number of traditional food stalls selling seafood, lined up not far from the beach.

Some food stalls are even deliberately designed to face south, so while enjoying seafood, you can see the view of the open sea with big waves.

Not only that, this beach offers an exotic and beautiful view. No wonder, if every time this beach is crowded by visitors. Not only the feel of a cool beach, you can also see fishing boats when you come here.


If you are bored and need a healing spot in Yogyakarta, Depok Beach can be the solution for you. Depok Beach is located on Pantai Depok Street, Parangtritis, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta. The location is not far from the famous Parangtritis Beach in Indonesia.

To come here, visitors have to travel about 45 minutes from downtown Yogyakarta. Access to Depok Beach is not difficult, but you should use a private vehicle to come to this beach because there is no public transportation. You can use a motorbike or a car, besides that the access is also easy to pass.

Depok Beach can be visited every day and there are no operating hours in this area. However, the best time to visit here is 06.00-17.00 WIB.


Meanwhile, the price for admission to Depok Beach varies. Well, here's a list of the costs you need to spend when traveling to the beach in Yogyakarta:

• Entrance ticket for weekdays IDR 4 thousand

• Entrance ticket for weekends and holidays is IDR 10 thousand

• Motorcycle parking IDR 2 thousand

• Car park IDR 5 thousand

• Bus parking IDR 15 thousand

• Rent a dragon boat IDR 10 thousand

• Toilet levy IDR 2 thousand

The clean and fresh atmosphere of Depok Beach is really interesting for sightseeing. Not only swimming and playing in the sand, here you can try some of the available rides.

Around the Depok Beach area there is an airplane runway that attracts the attention of visitors. Activities that you can do here are playing bicycles or taking selfies.

Finally, the sand dunes in the Depok Beach area can be an alternative interesting object. Here, you can skate on a board or just take a selfie.

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