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Visiting a Cafe with a Nepalese Atmosphere in Yogyakarta

Holiday Ayo - Sipping coffee is an exciting activity for coffee lovers. Moreover, if you drink coffee at a special shop. A supportive coffee shop atmosphere can improve your mood.

One of the coffee shops in the corner of Yogyakarta that has a special atmosphere is Nepa Mountain, Book & Coffee.


This cafe in Yogyakarta has a unique concept that combines the owner's hobbies in one place. This cafe offers a typical Nepalese atmosphere, mountains, books and a cup of coffee to enjoy a traveler's relaxing time. 


The cafe owner, Rahmat Hadi, has had a love of mountain climbing since college. He has experience climbing mountains in Indonesia since 1992. 


Until 2014, he managed to set foot in the Himalayan region in Nepal and seemed very impressed with the trip. 


He fell in love with the country where the world's highest mountain is located. Not wanting to just keep memories in the form of photos, Rahmat made 'Nepa' the name of his cafe. 


Therefore, it is not surprising that when entering the cafe, travelers will find Nepalese ornaments and knick-knacks such as the Nepalese flag and prayer flags. 


Looking small from the outside, this cafe actually has an outdoor room and a second floor that faces the street directly. 


Travelers can see photos taken directly by Rahmat on his trip up the mountain on the walls of the cafe's indoor area. 


On the cashier's desk there are rows of books which are from the owner's personal collection. Travelers can read them while in the cafe, there are novels, books about history, and books written by Rahmat. 


Rahmat has been writing books since 2017 and tells about his experiences climbing mountains. To date, he has three books of his own entitled Reaching Dreams to the Top of the World, Kilimanjaro, and Himalayas 7.9 Magnitude, as well as two collaboration books. 


He previously lived in Jakarta, then chose Yogyakarta as the place to open his cafe. He was fascinated by Yogyakarta as a student city. 


And, there he wants to implement his vision and mission of sharing his experience and knowledge with students and university students who come to the cafe. 


Since opening in 2020, Nepa, Mountain, Book & Coffee has always prioritized peace of mind for its customers. So visitors shouldn't be too noisy while inside.


“I close at 01.00, if for example they were hanging out and I heard they were just chatting away, playing games, it was already 01.00 and I would immediately close. But if I saw them doing their work, some of them were even coming to meetings, working on their thesis, whatever time it was. I accompany him. In fact, sometimes I give him coffee," said Rahmat as quoted by


Rahmat takes care of all the cafe's needs himself, from making drinks to taking care of the needs and cleanliness of the cafe. 


So, he can observe his customers' habits. He admitted that less than 10% of customers come to read books even though books are part of the cafe concept. 


Apart from that, this cafe has a typical Nepalese drink, namely 'Chai Tea', a tea with a mixture of spices which is here made with Indonesian spices. 


So, Nepalese people who are in Yogyakarta often come to enjoy this drink. The cafe's knick-knacks are also brought directly by Nepali customers. 


“Customers also bring knick-knacks like flags. At UGM, there are student exchange programs at UGM, so there are several Nepalese people, they often come here," he said.


Apart from Chai Tea, this cafe also offers various choices of coffee and snacks with prices ranging from IDR 8 thousand - IDR 25 thousand only.


For travelers who want to try coming, this cafe is located at Pojok Tiyasan, Sidomulyo Street, Number 19, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman. Open every Tuesday - Sunday, 18.15 - 01.00 WIB.

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