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Who Would Have Thought, It Turns Out That There Are Beaches In Central Asia

Holiday Ayo - Located in an area far from the sea, Central Asia does not only have the beauty of the mountains. It turns out that there are beaches in Kazakhstan too. 

Located in northern central Asia, to be precise in the western part of Kazakhstan, there is a beautiful beach on the shores of the Caspian Sea Lake. Is Aktau Beach, which is in the city as the name suggests.

source: Minzifa Travel

This beach is very popular to visit, especially when summer arrives. A stretch of clear blue water and clean sand adorn Aktau Beach.

Here a traveler can do many exciting activities. Like playing water sports, renting a boat to get around or just relaxing accompanied by a cool breeze.

Unfortunately, Aktau Beach's waves are not too big, so it is not suitable for travelers who like to surf. Not only that, travelers can also stay at resorts near the beach.

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But there is something to note when visiting here, a traveler is not allowed to consume alcoholic drinks outside the bar or restaurant on the edge of Aktau Beach. This regulation was not made in writing, which was later used by many local police officers to take advantage.

If caught, the traveler will be asked for 1,000 Tenge (Rp. 40 thousand) as a fine. However, if the traveler speaks Russian or Kazakh, they will allow or only be asked for a small amount of money even if they drink alcohol on the streets.

source: Depositphotos

If you want to fill your stomach, there are several restaurants on the edge of Aktau beach. Around Aktau City there are also various kinds of activities that can be done. For example, after playing on the beach, a traveler can try bowling or visit various museums and theaters that are popular in Aktau.

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