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Air Asia's Presence Is Believed to Have a Positive Impact on Labuan Bajo Tourism

Holiday Ayo - The Managing Director of the Implementing Agency for the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority (BPOLBF) Shana Fatina assessed the presence of the Air Asia airline which opened the Denpasar-Labuan Bajo route and vice versa would have a positive impact on the tourism sector in the area.

"Air Asia's presence in Labuan Bajo certainly has a positive impact on tourism development, such as facilitating transportation access for local and foreign tourists, which then has an impact on the growth of economic opportunities in the tourism sector," she said, quoted from Antara, Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

She said, as a destination that is in demand by foreign tourists, the presence of the Air Asia route provides an easy option for tourists to transit before heading to Labuan Bajo. As a special note, Air Asia flights to Labuan Bajo are also connecting flights from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Perth via Bali and Jakarta.

In addition, according to him, the presence of Air Asia airlines in Labuan Bajo will also have an impact on decreasing flight transportation costs.

"Affordable flight costs are one of the triggers for both local and foreign tourists to travel to Labuan Bajo," he added.

He also said that currently, Komodo airport has expanded its terminal to accommodate the number of tourist arrivals. With a larger capacity, tourists will feel more comfortable when arriving or departing from Labuan Bajo.

Based on data obtained from Komodo Airport, in March 2022, there were 283 arrivals and departures of aircraft, so in approximately a day there are nine to 10 aircraft arriving and departing through the doors of Komodo Airport.

As for the number of passengers, in the same month, there were 22,154 people arriving and 22,147 people departing from Komodo Airport. So approximately a day there are 700 - 800 passengers who come and depart from the airport outside Labuan Bajo.

Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian Travel Agent Association (Astindo) East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Robert Waka assessed that the presence of the airline would certainly increase flight options for tourists to Labuan Bajo with varied and competitive prices.

"Moreover, Air Asia with various promotional programs can definitely increase the interest of tourists to visit Labuan Bajo so that it has an impact on increasing visits and has a positive impact on the local community's economy. Now Everyone Can Fly can be Now Everyone can Go to Labuan Bajo," he said.

The presence of the airline will also certainly avoid the monopoly of business in the aviation industry. Moreover, he added, Air Asia is known as a Low-Cost Carrier company, so flight ticket prices to Labuan Bajo will be more competitive.

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