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Alila Solo Turns Food Waste Into Candy to Chips

Holiday Ayo - Indonesia is listed as the second largest contributor to food waste or food waste in the world. This condition inspired Alila Solo to run a zero food waste program.

It is known that The Economist Intelligence Unit said Indonesia is the second largest food waste contributor in the world. Meanwhile, food waste has a significant impact on human life, for example causing hunger.

This is a special concern for Alila Solo, by initiating the #MakanTanpaSisa movement in the "Zero Food Waste" campaign. This movement is carried out internally and externally in order to encourage the public as consumers to pay more attention and care about the food they consume in order to reduce the food waste produced.

As cited from, this program has been run by the Alila Solo Green Team since 2020 in collaboration with the Solo City Agriculture, Food Security and Fisheries Service. Through this program, organic waste is reprocessed into compost and the cultivation of BSF (Black Soldier Fly) or black flies.

BSF (Hermetia Illucens) is a type of black fly whose larvae (maggot) are able to degrade organic waste. Maggots or maggots produced from black fly eggs (BSF) are very active in eating organic waste.

This bioconversion process by maggot can degrade waste faster, it doesn't smell, and produces organic compost, and the larvae can be a good source of protein for poultry and fish feed.

In addition to processing organic waste, Alila Solo's culinary team utilizes food waste that can be recycled, such as watermelon skin, pineapple which is recycled into sweets, chips, and candy, which can be enjoyed.

“We implement the Zero Food Waste program strictly at Alila Solo, we do this consistently. Not only organic waste processing that we are working on together with the Department of Agriculture, Food Security and Fisheries of Solo City, by processing it into compost and cultivating BFS to produce maggot," said Chef Hafis, Executive Chef of Alila Solo.

"Internally we also reprocess some fruit waste into snacks such as watermelon rinds which we make sweets or pineapple pulp which is used as chips," he continued.

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