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Ankimo, Unique Japanese Dishes

Holiday Ayo - Japan is famous for its delicious food and is liked by many people, one of the Japanese foods that is also famous for being delicious is Ankimo. Ankimo (鮟) is a Japanese dish made from the liver of monkfish.

Cited from Monkfish are carnivorous fish, large mouths and teeth. This fish dives to the bottom of the sea. In order to attack other fish, its mouth is slightly upwards. At the top of the mouth there are antennae that can be moved as bait to attract the attention of prey. This fish also often rises to the sea surface to attack seabirds.


Monkfish is considered one of the best dishes in Japan, especially the liver. In fact, it is said to be tastier than foie gras (French food made from goose liver). Monkfish liver is served in ponzu sauce after being rubbed with salt and rinsed with rice wine. this dish was once even one of the tastiest meals.

Ankimo's popularity has increased so much and there is a lot debate about this food. If we look at story, Ankimo has been eaten by Japanese prawns for a long time. Some stories say that the first Ankimo was made because fishermen were unable to dispose of parts of their catch, including the liver of the large monkfish. One monkfish liver is generally about half an adult foot long and weighs more than a pound.


But in America many feel that eating ankimo is a bad idea. This is because the number of monkfish on the east coast is almost depleted due to overfishing, and the method of fishing for Monkfish which is trawling has been shown to damage habitats on the seabed.

But there's no doubt that this Japanese dish is delicious. When visiting Japan, tourists don't have to worry about finding good places to eat. Japan is famous for unique seafood and you can get it almost in every street in Japan.

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