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This Young Transmigrant Successfully Started A Business To Uplift Citizens' Economy

Holiday Ayo - Besides being required to be tenacious and resilient, a transmigrant must also have a business spirit in order to be able to provide added value to the available raw material commodities. This is also the principle of Nimas Pramesti Dewi Oktaviana (29), a transmigrant from Bojonegoro, East Java.

Currently they are domiciled at UPT Tanjung Buka 3 RT 13, Tanjung Palas Hilir District, Tanjung Palas District, Bulungan Regency, North Kalimantan Province. Nimas and her husband participated in the government's transmigration program in 2014 to North Kalimantan Province. At that time, they were the youngest couple to join the program.

However, when he arrived at the transmigration site, he realized that the land he was occupying could not be used for agriculture. This is because the occupied land is always submerged in water, so it cannot be planted with plants. Instead of giving up and returning to Java, Nimas was challenged to create something that could generate income. And so he began a profession that was completely unplanned: the health drink business. The business that Nimas runs does not only bring sustenance to the family. The farmers of ginger, turmeric, and others were also uplifted because their agricultural products were bought by Nimas as raw material for drinks.

Arriving at the place, he was surprised because the conditions were different from his original place in Bojonegoro, East Java. In addition to the landscape that amazed him, he only found out that at night it turned out that there was no electricity for lighting.

"The next day, we had to cultivate the land where there were still many fallen tree trunks everywhere," he said.

Some of the cleared land is planted with vegetables. For a few days, the grown vegetables can be harvested. However, from the vegetables he harvested, he didn't have the heart to sell them to his neighbors. The reason is because the condition of the neighbors is also not much different from him. Not only that. The land occupied by Nimas and her husband is a natural river.

Every day the land is sure to be flooded with water. As a result, this couple cannot make optimal use of the land they occupy.

"So there are two high tides a day. One tide is 5 hours. So, plants will be submerged in less than 5-7 hours in one tide," said Nimas.

She then thinks and looks for ideas to change his condition and the community around him. Nimas is also aware that it is impossible to depend on farming on land that is flooded every day.

"I decided to go to the city, learn everything about MSMEs, about trading, about doing business," said Nimas.

Nimas studied business because he saw that there were a lot of raw materials at the transmigrant location, but they couldn't process them into something that had added value.

After spending some time in the city, Nimas returned to the transmigration village, where he began to communicate more intensively with his neighbors to discuss how to process agricultural products into more valuable products. Of those invited to discuss, there were those who accepted Nimas's invitation. But not a few who refuse. Nimas is not discouraged. He continues to move with all limitations.

Slowly but surely, Nimas realized his plans. He pioneered to make beverage powders made from empon-empon such as ginger, turmeric, kencur, and so on. So far, Nimas has successfully produced and marketed eight products, namely red ginger powder, original red ginger with sugar, and red ginger powder without sugar. Others are my ginger (red ginger and ajwa dates), jaseku (red ginger, lemongrass, turmeric), jasekas (red ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon), gingerNdan (red ginger, ajwa dates, and pandan), and saraba (red ginger, cinnamon, and duck eggs). Not only ginger powder drinks, Nimas also produces crispy banana sales for sale to consumers.

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