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Endog Park in Sumedang with Wawacan Stories Endog Sapatalang

Holiday Ayo - The city of Sumedang is famous for the beauty of its tourism objects, one example is the Endog Park Tourism Object in Sumedang, West Java. Endog Park Tourism Object in Sumedang, West Java (Endog in Sundanese Basa which means Egg) is one of the places that is used as a Green Open Space (RTH) in the city of Sumedang.

The location of Endog Park is on Mayor Abdurachman street, Talun, North Sumedang, Kotaaler, Sumedang, Sumedang Regency, West Java 45311, Indonesia. Endog Park is crowded with tourists on weekdays and holidays. This place is very beautiful and can give a different sensation to our daily activities.

This park is located in the middle of the city of Sumedang which is a place for family recreation. As a place for family recreation, Endog Park is equipped with a vehicle parking lot. This park is called Endog Park because in the middle there is a giant egg-shaped monument building. Underneath there are two hands as a support.

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This park was built by the Sumedang Regency Government in 1990. Meanwhile, the management is under the Regional Environment Agency (BLHD) of Sumedang Regency. A number of palm trees that provide shade for Endog Park are still standing tall. The Endog garden was built as a symbol or place that explains about the Wawacan Endog sapatalang which contains the process of creating the universe by God which is likened to an egg. This wawacan is written in the Cipaku book which, when translated into Indonesian, means the Story of One Series of Eggs.

The creation of the universe by God, started from what is now called light. In the wawacan, it was told that the light formed thick smoke that clumped together until it hardened, resembling an egg and a "candidate: the universe" was formed. The universe is like an egg that is broken and scattered, partly into the sky and partly into the earth.

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The water inside the egg called Alam Tirta, the red egg is called Alam Marcapada (the visible world), the egg white is called Alam Mayapada (the jinn realm), the thin white membrane that covers the egg is called Wa'dah (unseen), and the thin membrane attached to the egg shell is called Alam Tirta. the solar Laya realm (the realm of Rahyang, the realm of the gods, or the Islamic version of angels) The egg itself is like the realm of nature that cannot be measured or achieved by the limitations of human reason and thought.

In other words, in this wawacan it is told that God created the universe with all its contents from light that condenses and then breaks apart, the scattered eggs then become the sun, moon, planets, star clusters that form galaxies, black holes and so many other unknown secrets of nature. revealed, where the creation was God bestowed life in selected places, such as on planet earth for example, God created humans, animals, and plants. In Wawacan Endog, the creation process lasted for 15 days and 15 nights.

In addition to having an attractive beauty, it turns out that Endog Park has a very interesting story. Well, of course, it's a pity if you are in the city of Sumedang but don't visit a park tour that has such an incomparable beauty. So, don't forget to visit the Endog Park in Sumedang city.

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