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Geological Site on the Baksooka Punung River in Pacitan

Holiday Ayo - The Baksooka Punung River is the remnant of historical heritage in the form of a geological site located on the river.

Like the hand ax site, which is made of a type of Chalcedony stone with its characteristic feature of two cuttings on the other two sides. This ax comes from the Paleolithic era. This type of ax made Pacitan more famous in the prehistoric world, namely Pacitanian culture. Not surprisingly, the nickname as the Paleolithic hand ax 'workshop' is attached to this Baksooka River.

This historical tour can be traveled along the Baksooka Punung River, where this river is a geological trajectory that offers geological and archaeological aspects, which offers geological and archaeological aspects. Well, along this river, there are so many relics of prehistoric times, especially around this river there are relics of pre-historic times known as the Ngrijangan Site.

You can enjoy the beauty of the Basooka Prehistoric River, starting from the hamlet of Keladen, Sooka Village. Or Travelers can go directly to the Spot in Dersono Village, Bomo Village, or points scattered along the river. In the northern segment, Travelers can find oligo-Miocene and middle Miocene rocks that serve as limestone beds. Also in the southern part of the river, there is limestone-rich in fossilized corals, foraminifera, and mollusks.

The Baksooka prehistoric river is upstream from the Maron River in Dersono Village, Pringkuku District, and ends at Ngiroboyo Beach, Sendang Village, Donorojo District.

The river that stretches from the Sewu mountains in the Punung and Pringkuku sub-districts, Pacitan district, can be reached from downtown Pacitan in approximately 30 minutes. In this river, there are black clay deposits of the Kali Pucung formation which were formed about 1.8 million years ago. As one of the geological sites (geosite) of Gunung Sewu geopark, along the Baksooka river, there is a geological trajectory that offers geological and archaeological aspects.

Currently, Chalcedony rock which became an ax tool in the past is also used by local people to make precious stone crafts. Gunung Sewu is geologically and geographically separated from the rest of Java. The climate is dry with a limestone hill relief feel, and there are many caves around this area. This is indeed quite ideal as a place to live for early humans.

In the rainy season, the current of the Baksooka River is a very heavy river. For this reason, travelers who visit are expected to always be introspective and careful.

And it's best if you want to explore the beauty of this prehistoric river, come on a sunny day. There are no fees whatsoever, for Travelers who want to travel to this river.

Most importantly, every tourist who visits here is expected to always maintain the cleanliness and preservation of the Baksooka River so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

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