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Hang Out While Enjoying the Enchantment of Nature at Lima Bay Restaurant

Holiday Ayo - Besides being famous for its natural attractions, Bali also offers many interesting hangout places to visit. Comes with various interesting concepts, of course, making local residents and tourists curious to visit it.

One of the must-visit hangout places is called Lima Bay Bali Restaurant. Here offers a unique concept and presents a charming view. This hits hangout in Bali is indeed still very new, because it just opened on April 8, 2022.

Lima Bay Restaurant is here to offer a cafe or restaurant with a contemporary concept by presenting the charming natural charm of the surroundings. This hangout has a fairly wide, comfortable space and the facilities are also quite adequate.


Once there you will be treated to a natural view in the form of a beautiful expanse of green rice fields. The cool breeze on the edge of the rice fields and still very beautiful certainly makes the visitors feel at home for long.

In addition to beautiful natural charm, Lima Bay Restaurant has a tropical theme with the concept of an outdoor space dominated by bright white colors. The iconic bar in the outdoor area with a light luxurious color is the center point of this cafe. Some treats palm trees planted to add to the cool atmosphere.


Coupled with a variety of beautiful and diverse furniture, it is very interesting to be a selfie photo point with a natural lighting background. Lima Bay Restaurant also provides a semi-indoor area with several sofa chairs that you can occupy.

Facilities of Lima Bay Restaurant

• Parking area
• Toilet
• Electric socket
• Fan
• Live Music
• Wi-Fi access
• Smoker Friendly

Lima Bay Restaurant Operating Hours

Every day from 07.00 – 23.00.

Route to Lima Bay Restaurant

Lima Bay Restaurant is located at Padang Linjong Street, Number 7, Canggu, North Kuta District, Badung Regency, Bali. Access is quite easy, because the location is not far from downtown Denpasar. It is only about 14.4 km and it takes about 40 minutes to travel.

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