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Hyperlocal Online Shopping Trend, What is It?

Holiday Ayo - The Covid-19 pandemic over the past 2 years has actually led to a new online shopping trend called Hyperlocal, where consumers want the goods ordered to arrive faster and even arrive on the same day.

Tokopedia Co-Founder & CEO Wiliam Tanuwijaya said this trend has a positive impact because it can support local entrepreneurs and create jobs. At the same time, it also increases domestic economic growth.

"Instead of waiting for goods from imports that take a long time to arrive, consumers prefer sellers who can send goods tomorrow to arrive or be sent on the same day," William said in a virtual webinar, Friday (12/8/2022).

Driven by the Hyperlocal initiative, Tokopedia noted that the Asmat, Tual, Jeneponto, Takalar and Bantaeng areas were some of the areas that experienced the highest increase in the number of buyers at Tokopedia during the first semester of 2022 compared to the second semester of 2021.

Regions with the highest increase in inter-island transactions during the first semester of 2022 occurred between Sulawesi-Papua, Papua-Java and Papua-Bali and NTT. Meanwhile, several areas with the highest increase in transactions in the first semester of 2022, namely the Bintang Mountains, Humbang Hasundutan, Jayawijaya, Takalar to Keerom.

Seeing this, he emphasized that the synergy between Tokopedia and Goto would support global trends, especially ensuring that local MSME activists can continue to grow and become hosts in their own country. He said that one form of the company's commitment is the presence of GoFood services on the Tokopedia platform. This newly launched innovation can be utilized by culinary MSME activists to expand their business to other regions in Indonesia.

"SME activists, especially Indonesian future brands, can be served by Tokopedia's innovation, namely putting their goods in Tokopedia's smart warehouse so that they can offer a more consistent hyperlocal experience, especially faster delivery and affordable prices," William added.

Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki said the potential for digital economic growth reached IDR 4,531 trillion in 2030, an 8-fold growth compared to 2020.

According to him, this potential must be optimized by business actors, especially MSMEs to be able to continue to grow and develop. The presence of a digital ecosystem must be utilized by business actors, not only to survive but also to recover and become stronger as one of the main pillars of the national economy.

"President Joko Widodo has requested that 30 million MSMEs enter the digital ecosystem by 2024 and Tokopedia becomes an important part of MSME digital transformation," he said.

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