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Nako Coffee, One of the Largest Coffee Shops in Indonesia

Holiday Ayo - Nako Coffee is one of the largest coffee shops with around 30 outlets built in various regions in Indonesia. Coming with various interesting concepts, of course, the place is always crowded, especially for millennial youth.

This popular hangout in Bogor is still relatively new, because it just opened on June 15, 2022. Nako Coffee Kebon Jati is the 30th outlet built on a teak forest area of 5000m2 and has a capacity of up to 1000 visitors. No wonder the newest Nako Coffee Outlet is the biggest coffee shop in Indonesia.

The main attraction of Nako Coffee Kebon Jati is the place that presents a natural charm that is so beautiful. Given its location, which was built on a teak forest with 384 trees and none of them were cut down since the beginning of construction.


Once there, visitors will be treated to towering teak trees and natural views of the clear expanse of Mount Salak. Especially when the weather is sunny, the sunset panorama will spoil the eyes. Plus, the cool and cool atmosphere certainly makes any visitors feel at home for long.

In addition to its beautiful natural charm, Nako Coffee carries a slightly different concept from other outlets. This outlet brings the concept of a modern contemporary coffee shop combined with a traditional style.


The main building design is not much different from other Nako Coffee designs, which are triangular in shape which is dominated by a glass interior. However, at Nako Coffee Kebon Jati Megamendung, there is an additional building in the form of a joglo house called Warung Djati and several other buildings that you can explore.

As for the outdoor area, it will certainly become a favorite spot for visitors. Where you will occupy a fairly large deck area in front of the indoor building and face directly with a beautiful view. In the outdoor area there are lots of seating and lounge spots equipped with bean bag pillows.

Nako Coffee Facilities

• Parking area
• Toilet
• Mosque
• Wi-Fi access
• Electric socket
• Warung Djati
• Meatball Shop
• Mixing Cycle
• Dusk Area / Deck Area
• Bean Bags
• Gazebo
• Gazebo-like building

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