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Nasi Kandar, Typical Food from Malaysia

Holiday Ayo - Every country has its own special food, One of the famous Malaysian food is Nasi Kandar. Nasi kandar is a food consisting of white rice eaten with curry sauce and a complete side dish. This dish containing rice plus a variety of typical side dishes has been around since the 19th century.

Because it contains white rice plus a variety of side dishes, this dish is made with the spices used to make curry. Spices and herbs blend together in white rice. The aroma is very tempting especially when combined with a lot side dishes.

Initially this food was made for workers. At the International Port of Weld Quay Port, many immigrants work as laborers or construction workers. The long working hours make the workers tired. The time provided for rest is also not long. Therefore they need food that is served quickly and also cheaply. Seeing this opportunity, India's Muslim immigrant community began to peddle food. They are sell steamed rice to chicken or curry fish, complete with eggplant and okra balado.

Besides being delicious and plentiful, Nasi Kandar is also sold at cheap prices. Nasi kandar itself means rice that is carried on the shoulder, namely from the words nasi (rice) and kandar (shoulder). The Nasi Kandar seller used to carry two large containers filled with rice and side dishes. So that anyone who wants this rice, it is enough to just stop the seller.

Over time, nasi kandar began to evolve. In 1970, Nasi Kandar restaurants began to appear. Currently, there are hundreds of restaurants in Malaysia that sell Nasi Kandar. You might also like this food. So if you visit Malaysia, don't forget to taste Nasi Kandar, you can get it at many restaurants in Malaysia. Currently, Nasi Kandar can be eaten at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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