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Sandiaga Uno Aims for 1,5 Million Foreign Tourist in Bali

Holiday Ayo - The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia, Sandiaga Uno aims for 1,5 million of foreign tourists to visit Bali Province. Most importantly, he aims for good quality tourists with high level of spending and long length of stay. This is in order to restore the economy and open job fields in Bali.

He explained about it after the working meeting of Bali Regional Tourism Promotion Department on Monday, July 6th 2022. He said that during this economic restoration, there are other crises among the citizens, from food crisis to energy crisis, due to the pandemic. For that reason, the economic restoration is a priority to the government.


“We were synchronizing some future promotion plans. Because Bali is still at the top of the minds of foreign tourists, with the new economic era through digital marketing and other things, there needs to be innovation in our promotion patterns. So our first step is synchronizing in the middle of the decrease of promotion budget, but we still have to have entrepreneur spirit. The entrepreneur spirit for Bali will get us 1,5 million good quality tourists this year,” he says, as cited from

Sandiaga says that there are many ways for them to do that. One of them is by holding several international level events.


“Of course we are going to reach it with several approaches in our programs, such as sports tourism, MICE, international events, and tourism villages. The target is 1,5 million foreign tourists. The target for domestic tourists is 7 million, so in total almost 9 million tourists. We’re prioritizing good quality tourists, those with long length of stay and greater spending in Bali,” he says.

The minister also hopes that the upcoming 2022 G20 summit in Bali will help the micro, small, and medium enterprises. The tourism ministry has coordinated with around 400 small to medium enterprises in 40 hotels during the events.

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