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Staying in a Beautiful Bamboo House at Firefly Eco Lodge

Holiday Ayo - Bali Province offers a lot of great things for tourists and travellers, from the beauty of nature, the various culture and traditions, delicious foods and drinks, unique arts, and great accommodations from the cheap and affordable ones to the expensive and luxurious ones.

There are many unique lodgings you can find in this region of Indonesia. One of the lodgings with unique themes that give you one-of-a-kind experience is Firefly Eco Lodge.


Firefly Eco Lodge offers guests the experience of staying in a cottage in the form of sustainable bamboo houses. This place is located in Peliatan, Ubud, which is also one of the tourism centers in Bali that has such wonderful nature and calm atmosphere.

Firefly Eco Lodge is surrounded by beautiful Balinese rice fields in a peaceful countryside area. It is far from the loud noises of the city so if you need to find a place to relax, this is the one for you. Here, you can feel one with nature with the sound of flowing water and night bugs.


Staying at Firefly Eco Lodge will definitely by a unique experience. As cited from, the bamboo houses are made with completely natural materials. The design looks so cool and there are many Instagrammable spots all around the area. This is a nice place to spend time with your significant other, especially during a honeymoon.

Because Firefly Eco Lodge is located in the center of Ubud, it is not hard to find transportation and tourist destinations near the lodge. You can tour around Ubud and buy some souvenirs. You can also watch the traditional dance performances at night.


Firefly Eco Lodge also offers outdoor dinner. You get to eat with under the stars and if you are lucky, the fireflies will come out to light up the night, creating a more romantic atmosphere. The price of staying at this place is quite affordable for travellers.

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