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The exoticism of Penyisok Beach in Lombok

Holiday Ayo - There are many tourist destinations in Lombok. For example, Kuta Beach, Tanjung Aan Beach, and Merese Hill. Not only that, in Lombok there are also famous cultural tours, such as Kampung Ende and the Sasak Tribe. Apart from that, recently began to look quite beautiful and exotic tourist attractions in the Lombok area, namely Penyisok Beach.

This one beach is different from most other beaches, because it has its own uniqueness. One of the things that makes Penyisok Beach different is because of the historical traces of the Lombok Kingdom. Around this tourist area, there are many ancient buildings from the royal era. One of them is the Pumice Stone Mosque and Lingkoq Datu Old Well.

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All of this has been around for decades. Local residents still do not know for sure the history of this relic. However, some of the buildings have undergone changes due to natural conditions. But the surrounding community also takes care of this relic to preserve it.

In addition, Penyisok Beach also offers the beauty of an extraordinary natural landscape. This beach is located in the ocean of the Indian Ocean and is adjacent to green grassy hills with steep golden cliffs so that the exoticism really radiates. The beauty is increasingly radiating with a combination of blue sea water and when the sky is friendly with sunny weather. There are also marine life around the coast. The turquoise color of the sea water is in stark contrast to the blue sky during the day.

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The waves crashing against the beach cliffs also look beautiful. No wonder many tourists visit here who take photos. However, visitors must still be careful if they are on the beach because the waves are fierce. Penyisok Beach is one of the paradises in East Lombok which is still not visited by many tourists. Inside there is very clear turquoise sea water surrounded by green savanna.

In addition, there are also golden rock rocks. The cliffs at the corner of the beach also add to the aesthetics of this tour. Tourists can feel a different sensation while on vacation here. The weather is cool and its location away from the crowd is perfect for relaxing.

Entering the Penyisok Beach area, tourists will be charged a ticket rate of IDR 10,000 per person. With a cheap rate, tourists can play on the beach as much as they want from morning until closing. However, in this tourist area there is still no place to rent equipment and stalls. So visitors are advised to bring their own food and equipment from home. This beach is indeed suitable for relaxing while on vacation. In addition to the cheap price, the tour also looks privacy, not too many people.

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