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Get to Know About Manta, Drink Locally Made in Bali

Holiday Ayo - When you are going to a liquor store, nightclub, or bar, you will see many alcoholic drinks that seem to be produced from countries outside of Indonesia. Usually Indonesian liquors tend to have names that represent Indonesian language or culture, but some local liquors have western names. This alcoholic drink is usually enjoyed around the clock at every opportunity.

Presenting a unique and high-quality spirit distilled in the tropical paradise of Bali, utilizes the power of nature and Bali’s ample landscape to produce a spirit that is beyond ordinary, Manta Rum.

Rich yet smooth, Manta Spiced Rum combines a unique mix of prized spices with aged rum providing complex layers of taste that are best served neat or with a favorite cola and a slice of lime. This drink is heavily inspired by the graceful giant mantas roaming the seas of Bali and Raja Ampat Manta Rum has a unique and bold taste made with pure ingredients sourced locally here in Bali.

Adama Distillery, the producer of Manta Rum, is the first and only distillery in Indonesia located in Tabanan.

source: NowBali

The exoticism and harmonious ambiance of Bali become a blending spirit at Astidama Distillery. With its international quality and standards, Astidama Distillery produces high-quality spirits with an international taste. The spirits by Astidama are produced from the best grains from Britain and also Indonesia.

The aroma is full of sweet berries, cranberry, light spice, and background molasses. Not much too, the berry profile is intense and cuts through any rum-like notes you may pick up. Medium, smooth body. The flavor is a bit more spice-forward than the aroma but still has a strong fruity profile.

Deep orange in color. The sweet fruity rum profile cuts through the lime to offer quite an interesting drink. Rum is a spirit crafted through the fermentation and distillation of sugarcane molasses. Although most rums are produced in the Caribbean and American countries, they are also produced in various sugar-producing countries such as Indonesia. The spirit is often associated with the sun-filled tropics, where the waves of sparkling turquoise waters lap against palm-lined beaches. Rum, therefore, finds a fitting home in Bali, Islands of the Gods.

Embracing rum’s tropical background, Manta Rum takes its name from the soaring manta rays that glide through the deep waters that surround Bali. These majestic eagles of the sea ride the ocean currents around Nusa Penida and Bali’s east coast; the perfect symbol for rum that is both smooth but also bold.

As an Indonesian-made spirit, Manta Rum provides local consumers and market with a highly affordable choice of spirit that is perfectly balanced in quality and price.

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